Transform from high-potential to high-performance. Because potential doesn't equal profits. 

Success is your best friend and you are ready to scale your greatness.

Dreams of seamlessly navigating growth stages, generating consistent sales and multiplying revenue and profitability while feeling the joy and fulfillment of making a contribution that matters - to yourself, your employees and your business are just within reach.

So how do you navigate growth stages? How do you generate consistent sales and build a business culture you are proud of? How do you feel fulfilled all the way to Mogul status?

By aligning all you are with all you want to become and...

Living A mission based on the genius, power and magic of boldness

Hi, I am Marlyne

At the core I am a Business Consultant and Leadership Strategist. I am also a futurist and enjoy the process of developing new products based on what customers want and shepherding them to market success.

My clients are innovative growth-stage businesses as well as established brands who value the customer relationship as much as improving the bottomline and staying ahead of the marketplace.

I’m a champion for visionary technology products, leaders and change makers ready to accelerate their growth and profitability while embracing love and contribution. I am an advocate for women in tech and leadership. 

We’re a match if you have a passion for innovation and a mission for impact.

Doing the work that matters 

Leveraging 15+ years of experience working with global Fortune 50 companies, C-Level executives and startups to launch and scale industry-leading products and experiences, I’m a pro at bridging the gap between starting from scratch and scaling to unstoppable, sanity intact! (yes really! Yogic breathing helps.)

I also write and speak about business growth, leadership and reinvention, and the impact of tech on culture, because this is my passion. 

I often draw on my experience with companies such as Audible, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Softcard ( Acquired by Google), Accenture and more. 

My education has been in economics, technology, innovation and marketing at Columbia and Wharton University. I am also multi-certified in various yoga traditions (500 RYT +) energy healing and rapid transformational coaching methods. This makes my approach truly holistic and multidimensional. 

Client results include

- Developing new products based on customer insight from idea to industry success
- Increasing customer lifetime value and loyalty, so repeat sales are a norm
- Optimize marketing and sales strategies to improve profitability
- Developing and leading high performance teams for sustainable growth
- Adopting and mastering a growth mindset to achieve more meaningful results

Are you ready for some of these results? 

Urgently going for true Wins

Modern Mogul HQ was born at my personal crossroads

I was ready for massive change and searching for deeper meaning in all that I did. 

Although my career was successful by most standards, I no longer felt in alignment. On many levels I had began to feel empty and I wanted more.  I KNEW change was necessary, but it wasn't easy. There were many layers of shifts that needed to happen.  It started with awareness, my priorities and connecting with who I am at my very core.  I redefined a new vision for success. It took some time, but I did my own pivot personally and professionally.  

Now I help my high-touch clients recognize the changes they are ready to make in their business and leadership style so they can navigate their own pivots and reinventions and get on track to leading in a new way and creating products and experiences that have deep meaning and solve problems  they care about. 

Are you ready for the next level of leadership and business success? Let's Talk. 

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