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Marlyne is a current member of the exclusive Forbes Tech Council, where she is a frequent contributor to expert panels. Recent contributions are linked below!

7 Traits You Want Your Top Tech Candidates To Possess

Track Record Of Quality Execution

Passion for what they do and a track record of execution and getting things to completion in a high-quality manner are key traits. I also like teammates who are collaborative and have an open communication style that fosters growth and results. - Marlyne Pierce,

How To Resolve Eight Common Conflicts Between Tech And Sales Teams

Have Committed Delivery Dates

One prevalent issue between these groups has to do with timing and delivery of new features and functionalities. Tech has feasibility as a key concern while sales teams want to meet customer need as quickly as possible. Utilizing transparent roadmaps and communicating to customers on the expected timing of new releases can usually resolve this issue. Sales can find comfort in a committed delivery date.s

Is Tech-Boosted Telepathy On Its Way? Nine Tech Experts Weigh In

Tech Focused On Collaboration And Inclusion Should Succeed First

New technology is unlikely to help humans with transmitting thoughts and ideas effectively to each other if it doesn’t help us establish the basic principles of effective communication, such as sharing ideas to solve problems, collaborating to build on innovation and enabling more empathy and inclusion in our interactions. Emerging tech focused on these areas will likely be the most successful.

Trying To Recruit Programmers? Here's What They Really Want

An Inclusive Culture

The key to attracting the best programmers is the same as the key to attracting the best employees. Have a great company culture with values that allow technologists to do their best work. Engage your employees to present and share innovative ideas and ensure that collaboration and team building are available in ways that allow for different lifestyles and stages so everyone feels included and validated.

Six Habits Tech Executives Need To Develop In Order To Be Successful

Focus And Simplify

Most technology executives need to focus and simplify. Once you are able to do the work of developing the point of view and direction for the product or business line, it's important to put a stake in the ground and go after it with focus and single-minded execution to reach the goal. In complex organizations, the ability to have key pillars and guideposts will set leaders apart for years to come. -

Tech Experts Predict 13 Jobs That Will Be Automated By 2030

Banking Services And Retail Checkout

Jobs roles such as bank tellers and cashiers will be completely automated. Current self-service options such as ATMs and checkout kiosks will make this a natural progression. These job roles also require very little problem-solving, creativity or people-management skills, which are parts of the nuanced skill set that will be in demand and required in the future of work.

20 Signs You’re a Born Leader

You believe in a greater good.

A born leader goes to work every day not because they have to, but because they want to. “[Good leaders] advocate for something bigger than themselves; they have a cause,” leadership strategist Marlyne Pierce explained to Thrive Global. Their desire to fulfill their goals and find meaning drives them to work hard and do the best they can in every aspect of their lives.