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Marlyne Bryant Park

Every day, I see leaders wasting thousands of dollars and time on marketing and growth-related programs that don’t address the real issues.

They try to stuff their vision into one-size-fits-all and cookie-cutter formulas that lack a profitable model or an agile approach. The result is that they don’t create lasting change.

There’s a huge difference between trying to make your objectives and intentions a reality and having a sense of inevitability that it will work because you have a process and model that cannot fail.

What I know for sure is courage changes everything and it takes courage to lead a team and a business that has meaningful impact and result.

I partner with clients like you to support your unique leadership edge and release people and process that no longer work so you can love the power and purpose of your business. While our focus is on soaring profits and high functioning teams, we will elevate every area of your business and life. You’ll love what you do again.

The approach is based on over a decade of working with multi-million dollar top-tier businesses who operate at a global level, as well as unicorn startups that gain traction and build momentum quickly, effectively and sustainability.

Client results include

- Developing innovative products based on customer insight from idea to income
- Increasing customer lifetime value and loyalty, so repeat sales are a norm
- Optimize marketing and sales strategies to improve profitability
- Developing and leading high performance teams for sustainable growth
- Adopting and mastering a growth mindset to achieve more meaningful results
- Reclaiming their leadership edge and have more energy and vitality
- New found belief in the genius, power and magic in doing business by design

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Marlyne is a sought after tech consultant, speaker and advisor. She writes and speaks about developing products that humans love and rave about, the impact of Tech on Culture and adaptive leadership for creating true wealth. She draws on experience with companies such as Audible, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Softcard (Acquired by Google), Accenture and more.

A life long student, Marlyne has completed graduate and executive level training from Columbia and Wharton University. Marlyne’s background include studies in economics, technology innovation, and marketing. In addition to her impressive 15+ year career, Marlyne is also a yoga practitioner, multi-certified in various yoga traditions (500 RYT +) as well as Rapid Transformational Coaching Methods. This makes her approach truly holistic, multidimensional and always evolutionary.

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