Business Shala Intensive


Business Shala Intensive

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During your Shala Session with me as your Rapid Results Coach, via phone or Zoom, we'll work together to:

  • Get Crystal Clear about what true wealth and well-being looks and feels like for YOU in 2018 and beyond
  • Uncover the hidden challenges and blind spots that hold you back from feeling empowered and at peace with your business and its current iteration (they might not be what you think)
  • Create a Next Step Action Plan to ensure you get the mindset breakthroughs you want to achieve

Here's how the session will work:

  1. You’ll introduce me to you and what you do in your business
  2. You'll be asked what challenges and struggles you’d like to focus on for the session
  3. Then we will get into the transformational coaching process to uncover what it will take for you to accelerate your results
  4. I’ll ask you certain questions and provide you with personalized rapid results coaching process to foster a breakthrough
  5. You will walk away with the exact next steps you need to take the second you hang up!  

Yes, you’ll have some action steps and homework. You’ll love it!

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