5 Ways To Shift Your Thinking and Scale Your Business

To scale from validation and product/solution fit to finding product/market fit that takes your business to eight-figures and beyond requires necessary upgrades -- and not just in systems and strategies.

You know the saying, “what brought you here won’t take you there.” It is a cliche that is also true: To get to your current level of success, you had to build your reputation and expertise, and gain the confidence to reach your achievements. And to get to the next level, ultimately, who you are will also require an upgrade, mentally and emotionally.

This article will help you understand the shifts you can make to progress toward your next level of business growth, and inspire confidence in your ability to lead from the inside out. Follow these principles to upgrade your leadership mindset and get ready to scale with more ease. 

Let’s review the basics…

You already know you need to take care of yourself as much as possible, eat well, exercise and surround yourself with the best people and things. How you fuel your mind and body have a direct impact on your energy levels and ability to be creative and execute in your business.

Once those steps are mastered, there are five more nonnegotiable high-performance strategies to implement.

1. Reframe Failure

Failing isn't a destination, nor is it your enemy. It’s a process that allows us to gathering of information.

However, fearing failure can paralyze us and keep us playing small. When in fear, we may avoid new challenges and risks or not trust our inner guidance because we emphasize the possibility of a negative outcome.

The truth is growth requires failure. It is HOW WE LEARN. The key to not letting failure stop us in our tracks is to remember that even if you fail, you will rising again -- and you will rise stronger and better equipped because of what you learned.

You get to decide if your goal is more important than your fear and take the necessary steps forward.

2. Have your own back

I recently saw a viral video of Jennifer Lopez (JLO), saying even when she was having success as a dancer, actress and singer, she still had naysayers telling her that her dreams weren’t possible. She proved them wrong. She did it by choosing to pursue her dreams, regardless of the naysayers. 

In the early stages of our journey to the next big goal, it is normal to feel fear. Even well-meaning friends and colleagues will share their concerns and unintentionally try to dissuade us by sharing their concerns and stories of doom.

In order to stay on track with pursuing your goals, you have to have enough faith in your strategy and process to go all in. That means not letting anyone - including well-meaning friends and the voices in your head - talk you out of what you have your heart set on accomplishing. Become your biggest supporter.

3. Think big and follow-through

There is a goldmine in committing to follow-through.

It builds confidence in your ability, validates your courage and inspires respect and admiration from others who you might want to join or support your cause. However, to make this really work, you need to take small steps and celebrate your wins along the way. Each milestone is an indicator of progress. And progress is the foundation of happiness, courage and confidence.

This is one of the reasons that a goal-setting and feedback process is essential to leading a high performance business and life.

When you have a big goal and you see yourself chipping away at it, you will feel pride, and the energy to keep going. Your confidence will begin to build like a giant within. So create your big dreams and strategies, but start small and celebrate your ability to follow-through at each milestone.

4. Build Your Character

Humans believe what we see and what we feel more than what we hear and think. If there is incongruence in how we present ourselves in speech, demeanor and how we present our ideas, we will fail to influence and persuade.

Presenting yourself with integrity and demonstrating a track record of achievement is one part of the equation. The other is being in total alignment with the aspect of yourself that has complete clarity and confidence in your chosen endeavor. This alignment allows you to take the actions, say the things and become the influencer and leader that is able to progress your ideas, from the inside out. 

If you are taking all the steps to reach your next level and move the masses, and there is still slow or stagnant momentum, I recommend working with a friend or coach to give you objective feedback on how you come across as you present yourself and your ideas. They might be able to give you a perspective that you cannot see objectively.

5. Cultivate Your Flow State 

Dr. Mihaly Chentmihalyi is a leading authority on positive psychology. His extensive research in the 1960s on what makes a human happy led him to discover and coin the term “flow state.”

According to his research, flow is the place we go when we become one with what we’re doing, by being completely present and focused on the activity in the moment.

This is also the foundation of mindfulness, and key to entering a state where ideas flow and we feel capable of high performance with a natural sense of ease. This is the space where you are aware and awake, but not striving to accomplish. Studies done on athletes in “the zone” – the state of flow – show their brain waves operate similarly to the brain waves of those in meditation.

One way you can enter flow state - and thereby turn on your peak performance and highest level of creativity - is to practice a daily meditation that focuses on your breath.

Breathing to a count of 4 or 6, in and out breaths, for at least 3 to 5 minutes takes you there. It requires no distractions and awareness in the present moment.

In summary, bringing these high-performance mindset principles and practices to your daily life will help you reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety -- all of which are commonly caused by wanting a specific outcome, rather than focusing on the steps you can take today to reach your destination.

Do you want to scale your business beyond the million dollar mark without sacrificing your relationships, health, or original vision? Get started here: http://bit.ly/Scalewithsanity

7 Principles Fortune 50 Companies Use to Scale and Serve Millions

Tired of wondering if your idea can scale and make the impact you envision? Ready to scale your business to serve millions and make millions? Is your singular goal to build profitable products and grow to the next level without feeling like you are sacrificing what’s most meaningful in your life?

The truth is most businesses plateau at six figures. In the startup space, this is essentially market validation. It’s commonly called the 6-figure ceiling, where you have a proven product and marketing process and you’re leveraging more technology and systems in your operations. BUT you realize that in order to scale past the mid-six figures and make your billion-dollar vision a reality, you’ll need to change the way you’ve been doing things.

During my 10+ years of working with business leaders and executives at multi-million dollar companies, as well as established startup founders, I know the ones who seamlessly navigate growth stages with calm confidence have key principles in common:

  • They leverage proven strategic frameworks

  • Their systems are adaptable and sustainable

  • They have a team that supports their vision

  • And they have an unshakeable mindset, which enables them to operate a high-performance organization

While the specifics vary, these principles need to be present to run your business profitably and sustainably. Adopting these seven principles will allow you to worry less about the latest social media fad and quick cashflow tactics, and instead focus on key methods and metrics that deliver continuous growth.

1. Cultivate A Scientific Mindset

The biggest prerequisite is the belief that your success is inevitable -- AND making a commitment to do what it takes to get your great work into the world and serve your clients at the highest level.

While most people think of success as a direct line, the best companies and leaders know it requires a series of iterations. They take a scientific approach that includes a robust test and learn framework, and ensures improvements are incorporated with every iteration.

They keep a clear target in mind while they navigate through each stage and phase of growth.

2. Ensure Operational Alignment

As a leader, your biggest role is setting a vision and empowering others to take ownership of delivering their best work. You need to be focused on creating a context for sustainable growth.

Most entrepreneurs are good at working in their business, delivering a product or service, and can get some preliminary marketing tactics to work, so they hit six-figures. The first signs of growing pains usually begin with an operational nightmare. Critical balls get dropped. Negative customer experiences crop up. A theme of stress and overwhelm creep in as they try to control the chaos and hold onto disengaged employees and contractors, for fear of making too many changes at once.

Business owners who are able to scale and manage chaos with calm confidence, on the other hand, ensure they have strategic and operational alignment. This might mean ensuring you’re prepared for an increase in marketing activity by allocating resources toward service delivery and customer care. This is usually the first area I look at with clients who are ready to scale without dropping critical balls or burning out. 

3. Hire and Enable an All-Star Team

In the beginning of your business, it is great to have worker-bees who you can tell what to do and they execute. Just having an extra pair of hands is good enough to get going.

However, as you grow, you will quickly become the bottleneck if your team is constantly waiting for you to make decisions and tell them what to do. While a high-level of feedback is sometimes necessary, having a team of rock star players who can come to know your business philosophy and approach - so you can essentially be removed from the executional phases of daily tasks - should be your aim.

This is what it means to hire people who can take ownership and deliver results. Your role and that of the business’s operations procedures is to empower people to do the work you hire them to do, not to micromanage. It starts with hiring people who can think critically and make decisions within the context of your business culture.

One key step in this process is to set key metrics and success factors for each activity and role. This ensures that the business vision is clearly articulated and modeled. While perfection is one ideal, excellence is the true goal here.

4. Focus Less on Marketing and More on Customers

Almost every business owner I talk to wants more or better marketing. They think this is the key to growth and scale. The truth is the biggest and best companies, the ones high on the Fortune 500 list, are focused on and developing their current customer relationships.

They know this is essential to growing acquisition through word of mouth and continued sales from repeat purchases. This is the reason customer relationship management (CRM) tools, such as Salesforce, as well as loyalty and incentive marketing tactics are two of the most utilized tools in big business.

This principle requires you, as the business leader, to focus more on how to service and sustain customer relationships, than on growing a new customer base. This one principle not only ensures profitability, it delivers sustainability.

5. Know Your Numbers

You may have heard of the popular concept “what gets measured gets done.” The fact is it not only gets done, it gets done better, if you have the right criteria in place.

Most new business owners are busy thinking about how to acquire new customers. When you are ready to scale growth, there are actually only five essential growth levers that you need to focus on. When I teach these to my clients, it ensures all their business operations around sales, marketing, product and financial management are clear, and aligns their team to FOCUS on delivering and exceeding metrics that matter to profitable growth.

6. Engage Like-Minded Partners

One of the key aspects of ensuring profitable growth and sustainability is investing in authentic relationships. All my high-achieving clients leverage their unique leadership advantage (their personal brand) with the business attributes that differentiates them in the marketplace to build a culture and movement the inspire others to support their mission and goals. 

The idea of the solopreneur at high six- or seven-figures is a myth. One person might be the face of the brand, but behind every successful entrepreneur and business is a team of fans, supporters, partners and collaborators who love and support the growth of their business.                                                                                                                                                 This is why relationships are the lifeblood of your business. To audit yourself in this area, consider whether you make the time to cultivate meaningful relationships and add value to like-minded partners and collaborators. While your competitors are only thinking about Facebook ads and changing algorithms, your key to growth and scale will be doing what matters and building relationships that ensure sustainability and scale.

7. Simplify to Amplify

The truth is we are all multi-passionate and multi-dimensional. But sharing ALL of who we are to everyone all the time makes us seem irrational and disjointed.

Being able to build a brand that is known for something, build a team that is focused and fiercely supporting your vision, and developing partnerships that scale and grow require that you simplify by focusing in on the right things at the right time. It requires the right amount of seduction and persuasion that can only come from an authentic connection to who you are and how you want to be known. This is your brand DNA.

Becoming clear on your brand DNA and letting that guide everything from operations to culture, from customer experience to partnerships, is a specialization that most coaches and consultants overlook.

I help clients get this right at the beginning of our engagement. It sets the tone for all the great work we do together. 

Are you ready to learn how you too can incorporate these principles in your business? Time to level up from six- to seven-figure sustainable growth?

Watch this training video,  if it resonates book a private call so we can build your 7-figure roadmap together. I am here for you.

Three Ways to Growth Hack Using Customer Experience

As a business owner, your job is to understand your customer's problem deeply, even more than they might themselves. Your role is to keep their needs top of mind and as a focal point in your own business, so you can serve them better than your competitors. You can do this, even with a small budget.

Here are three things you can do to ensure you can grow your business while focusing on the right customers.

1. Create solutions for your best customers

One thing the most successful companies do well - think Amazon, Apple, Zappos - is have a deep knowing about their customers. They consistently find new ways to develop new products and revenue streams that serve those customers at a superior level.

Entrepreneurs and founders can all talk directly to their target audience, look at forums where they are sharing their pain points and ideal solutions. Knowing your current and potential customers by understanding their pain points in their own voice is highly valuable and will ensure you can create solutions that standout.

Some common you can use to do this include:

  • Review relevant forums and groups

  • Conduct short and timely surveys to current customers

  • In-depth interviews with current and past clients

  • Contextual Observation of how they use your products

  • Monitor your marketing analytics and metrics for insights

2. Develop and nurture loyal customer relationships 

Most businesses start to think transactionally when they have to make payroll, ensure cash flow and manage a growing operation. As much as cash flow is essential to keeping things running smoothly, customers are the true lifeblood of your business. Without happy customers your business will not last.

This is the reason developing customer loyalty is so important to long-term growth and sustainability. It costs more to acquire new customers than to secure repeat purchases.This makes the case for you to ensure they are happy and willing to recommend you without reservations.

According to copywriter and author Perry Marshall, who wrote 80/20 Sales & Marketing, the well-known 80/20 rule (the Pareto Principle) also applies to customers and revenues. He suggests that 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of your sales.

Customer relationship management tools and marketing analytics are essential in identifying those individuals you can incentivize, and learn how to attract and retain more of these ideal clients.

Marshall also explains in his book that about 20% — of your customers are actually costing you, in terms of the time and energy spent servicing their needs. Likely these individuals are not the best fit for using your products and should be referred elsewhere when possible.

In order to set up your business for scale, focusing on the right customers and nurturing those relationships over time is essential for growth and scale.

3. Advocate for a cause to dominate your industry

Leading brands give back to their communities. They all show a vested interest by developing and leading in arts, charity or sports. Think of companies such as MetLife, Prudential, JP Morgan Chase. They own concert arenas, sporting complexes and convention centers. These investments provide a return in marketing awareness, brand affinity and community or industry influence.

Not only does this support of local or artistic causes and organization show leadership, it also builds relationships that matter for growth and influence.

As a growing company, while you don’t have to invest millions. Donating a percentage of your income, time or other resources to support a cause can also lead to strong returns in relationships and revenues. Choose brands that support a mission close to the purpose or story of your business or services.

In the book Corporate Culture And Performance, John Kotter and James Heskett show that over a decade-long period, purposeful, value-driven companies outperform their counterparts in stock price by a factor of 12. When a clear purpose is present, leaders in those organizations can better engage and motivate employees, and bring affinity that engages socially aware customers and secure partnerships. As customers becoming more values-driven, businesses need to show awareness and affinity to relevant brands to differentiate their voice.  

It is becoming more critical that modern leaders have a clear purpose and a way for potential customers and employees to see and engage with your purpose and mission. Advocating for a cause is one great way to do this for your brand while building customer affinity and loyalty. 


Paying close attention to customer pain points, serving them with solutions they want, incentivizing their engagement and loyalty, and giving back to common causes and communities are three key ways that you can demonstrate why your business is different in a way that matters to your customers. This will help you drive growth and repeat sales. The best part is that this only requires simple and low cost tools that you likely already access. Now you can use them in new ways.

If you would like to learn more simple and accessible strategies to grow and scale your business with products that customers love, buy and rave about so you can grow sustainably. Go schedule a private consultation here.

Legal Implications of GDPR for Modern Businesses and Emerging Tech

Jessica Lee is a graduate of Columbia University School of Law, a Revson Fellowship Recipient and a Partner at Loeb and Loeb LLP

Jessica's practice focuses on a variety of matters relating to emerging media and advertising technology, with focus on the privacy and intellectual property issues that arise when launching, marketing and monetizing digital products and content.

She has extensive legal knowledge of emerging technology and regularly advises clients on advanced advertising strategies, from how to monetize consumer insights derived from the use of emerging media platforms, including OTT apps, social media channels, wearables, chatbots, to helping them engage influencers and leverage user-generated content to optimize data collected through social media campaigns.

Jessica also advises on global and European data protection laws including data protection strategy and compliance (with a focus on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) the topic of today's conversation. 

The information provided in this interview is to only be used for informational purposes, does not constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • How Jessica was destined to become a lawyer from an early age
  • What is GDPR and what you need to know about it so you can protect yourself 
  • Where to find checklists relevant to you as a consumer or business owner 
  • What modern business models and customer data aggregation may mean for future tech developments and regulations 
  • Why awareness is the best way to feel safer in the always-on, internet cookies and pixeled world
  • How Jessica decompresses, leads and stays on top of her wellness at home and when she travels 

Fueling the Future of Work with Madskills On Demand Talent

Liza Rodewald is an entrepreneur and Software Engineer with 16+ years of technical experience. In 2004, her desire to have a more flexible lifestyle lead her to entrepreneurship. Since then, she has launched 3 companies in the software and services industry.  

She is currently the Founder and CEO of MadSkills providing flexible work options for professionals while serving middle market companies with quality virtual talent on demand.

Liza is an active duty military spouse married to an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Soldier, mother to four crazy kiddos and likes to spend her spare time exploring her new home state of Hawaii.

On this episode we talk about:

  • How Liza launched into entrepreneurship with revenue from Day 1  
  • Key skills and strategies she used to run her professional services business 
  • How she validated market need and became a co-founder of Madskills 
  • Trends in the Future of Work and how Liza is already thinking ahead 
  • Key leadership learnings you need to know and how she runs her teams while balancing timezones and family time 

Tune in here: 

Purposefully Pivoting Health Conversations With WellSeek

Monica Mo, PhD is the Founder and CEO of WellSeek, a brand and media company on a mission to dispel myths and spread truth in the health and wellness world.

She’s the Curating Editor of the WellSeek Collective and a member of the Council of Directors at True Health Initiative, a global coalition of world-renowned health experts alongside David L. Katz, Sanjay Gupta, and Deepak Chopra, and has been featured in Thrive Global and BuzzFeed.

Monica created WellSeek as a way to guide everyone towards discovering their own path to health and happiness. As a former biotech scientist, Monica was a member of the academic teams that pioneered the “Google map of human metabolism” that was featured in TIME, CNET and CNN. 

In this episode we are talking about: 

  • How Monica found her purpose and path to wellness starting with BioTech research 
  • What she learned from the Venture Capital (VC) fundraising process that pivoted her business
  • Why building a brand and media company became more purposeful than her initial nutritional app idea
  • What is a brand and how it might influence what happens in moments of crisis
  • Also how to shift your views on health and wellness beyond trendy diets  

Giving Women Control of their Skin Health with Well-Kept Beauty

From Fenty to Glossier and Birchbox the beauty industry has seen a lot of disruption in recent years. Today's special guest is Sheena Franklin who is leaping forward with a disruptive data-driven, and personalized machine learning beauty management application, Well-Kept Beauty.  Her goal is to give us full control of our skincare and beauty routines so we know what is working for us and what is not! 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sheena's background as a Government Relations Strategist in DC [6:50]
  • Beauty policy trends and marketplace shifts causing industry disruption [9.50]
  • How she developed and validated the Well-Kept Beauty app concept [20:20]
  • The truth behind what it takes to build and take your prototype to market [24:50]
  • Her marketing approach leading to the launch and how you can be an Ambassador [38:23]
  • Sheena on leadership philosophy, failure, building a startup team and what fuels her faith [42:33]

Guest Bio:
Sheena spent the bulk of her professional career (17 years) as a government relations/political affairs strategist for Fortune 100 companies focused on managing brand reputation with policymakers and federal agencies in various industries including healthcare, cosmetics/personal care and retail. Over the last several years she has been involved in the startup and tech scene on and off Capitol Hill. 

She is currently the Founder and CEO of Well-Kept Beauty, a data-driven and personalized mobile platform providing ingredient-conscious beauty shoppers with a way to monitor cosmetic ingredients. Well-Kept Beauty’s mission is to make managing skin health align with our healthy living and wellness lifestyle goals.

Mogul Accelerator Workshop

Remarkable Experience: 
Arlan Hamilton Founder and CEO: http://backstagecapital.com
Twitter: @ArlanWasHere

Tools and contact: 
Well-Kept Beauty Website
ell-Kept Beauty Ambassador Program
Contact Sheena's team


Bringing Ancient Wisdom To Daily Life Through Yoga

Modern Mogul was formed on the concept of bringing modern and ancient ideas together from technology to yoga and from innovation to intuition and intention. This is why after taking some of Rev. Jagadisha's classes I knew we had an aligned perspective and I invited him to talk with us on the podcast from his wealth of knowledge and experiential wisdom in yoga study and teaching for almost 2 decades. 

In this episode we are talking about: 

  • How he felt called to be a yoga teacher and share the practice with his community and start a studio [6:22]
  • How he defines yoga and why it matters in the yoga room and in the boardroom [22:35]
  • How to apply yogic teachings and ancient practices to daily life [31:10]
  • His thoughts on our social climate and how to approach sensitive and triggering conversations [43:50]
  • Advice for developing yoga teachers from his experience [58:01]

Tune in here: 

Rev. Jagadisha (ERYT-500) stumbled upon yoga practice in 1995 and began his daily practice in 2001 when he moved to Kripalu Yoga Center to immerse in yogic lifestyle and training for four months. Since becoming a certified teacher in 2002, he’s led over 11,000 hours of yoga instruction and continues to find inspiration in the beauty and grace of the yogic exercises and teachings. He loves the classic tradition and teaches from his living experiment, exploring the modern application of the ancient philosophies and continued refinement of healing, intelligent movement. 

Beyond his yoga teaching credentials, he has a degree in philosophy from Rutgers University, was ordained by The New Seminary in 2011, received Kalachakra Initiation from HH the 14th Dalai Lama in 2011, and has had a chance to practice with many well-respected teachers from various traditions. He continues studying with his beloved teacher, Manorama, who is the founder of sanskritstudies.org. 

Resources mentioned
Connect with Jagadisha by email
Current studio and community Zura Montclair
Luminous Soul Methods and Sanskrit Studies

Building a Software Empire as Chief Nerd and Serial Entrepreneur

We are excited to have Monica Snyder on the Modern Mogul Podcast this week. She is a businesswoman, Chief Nerd, and Co-founder at Fearless Social. Monica is on a mission to make a difference while living her best life. As a serial entrepreneur and the engineer behind several Saas companies, Monica's software has helped over 12,000 entrepreneurs scale their business using software and systems.

Before starting her own companies, Monica accumulated over a million air miles consulting and building software for several Fortune 500 companies. Not many of those air miles were for vacation which is why she left to create life on her own terms.  Monica lived the "laptop lifestyle" for several years, launching a software in the morning from a hostel in Queenstown, New Zealand and going bungee jumped that afternoon.   

She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, nerding out with her data geek husband over Zelda while chasing her energetic toddler around in circles. 

She is nothing short of strategic, smart and driven. In this interview, she is sharing from her experience:

  • How to stay motivated in the face of setbacks [10:15]
  • How she came to be building bootstrapped Software companies that leverage her strengths [13:20]
  • How to think about hiring and effectively leading a high-performance team [30:05]
  • What to consider when choosing and working with a Co-founder [34:10]
  • Monica's lessons on leadership, success rituals and growing her business without VC funding [40:00]

You don't want to miss this straight-shooting conversation about learning from setbacks, keeping the end in mind and being in relentless pursuit of your biggest visions.   

Tune in:

Raising the Vibration of the Planet Through a Higher Calling

Sometimes you meet people who you automatically connect with or who you can’t stop listening to when they talk. Angel is one such person for me. I was introduced to her by an online branding expert a few years ago and I’ve been following her lectures and teachings ever since.

I was thrilled to interview her for the show going live today. This is power packed episode with lots of laughs, some philosophy and a look behind the scenes of the Holistic Fashionista Brand and its evolution.  You don't want to miss the insights of this mission-centered serial entrepreneur.

ANGEL QUINTANA is a business mentor, metaphysician, holistic health practitioner, and author of several books including Funnel Foreplay: The Little Black Playbook of Sales Strategies. 

Angel is also the founder of Holistic Fashionista Magazine and Botanica which was formed with the mission to support and build up holistic leaders of tomorrow to share their message with the world.  She is passionate about sharing her sacred rituals and grassroots business and marketing strategies through her trademark concepts Signature System® and Kismet Client®.  

In this episode, we are talking about:

  • How Angel chose the bold market niche of Holistic Leaders and her service offerings before it became a trendy 
  • Her thoughts on what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur and whether you need to be “born that way” 
  • We also talk about her tattoos and what inspired her to get them
  • Her very interesting take on success rituals and recent social trends in spirituality very interesting.


5:10: The truth about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and if you have to be born that way
7:58: The mission and Northstar behind the Holistic Fashionista Brand  
10:00: How angel decided what to focus on and offer her clients to develop a Signature System
22:34: How to take your audience with you as you launch new programs that serve them
24:54: The tattoos! Get behind the real reason Angel got her tattoos and their deeper meaning
30:20: Angel's take on the spiritual and market trends and the opportunity we all have to access and own our personal power
41:07: Angel's morning success ritual and why she changed her previous approach
46:26: What Arianna Huffington, Jeff Bezos and Warren buffet all have in common
49:45: Angel's leadership fail and what it thought her about creating a more successful customer experiences
53:25 - A remarkable product experience that changed the way Angel does business on a daily basis

Tools and Mentions

Holistic Fashionista Magazine

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The One Thing Podcast

How to Secure and Protect Your Intellectual Property

Merlyne Jean-Louis, Esq. is the founder of Jean-Louis Law, P.C., a New York-based law firm that focuses on business, entertainment and immigration law.

She has provided counsel to entrepreneurs and creatives, including social media influencers and tech startups. She also writes a legal blog for entrepreneurs at www.jllaw.net

Not sure what to consider related to IP (trademarks and copyright) law? Tune in now:

The information provided in this interview is to only be used for informational purposes, does not constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly.

4:03: Merlyne's backstory of how she started in law and the inspiration that helped her to open her own firm
9:50: Why the law tends to lag behind new technology and how lawyers approach those cases
11:01: How to think about copyright, nondisclosure agreements and trademark laws and what each covers
17:03: Can you reserve your trademark or protect it before you start using it broadly or making money from using it
19:30: What can happen if you don't properly research and protect your trademarks and basically why trademark laws were created to protect customers
24:30: Merlyne answers questions about how intellectual property law is defined, how you know if you need an NDA, and what each protects
34:50: We cover some of the other legal matters for which you may want to secure a lawyer
37:04: How Merlyne thinks about leadership, continuous learning and collaborating with others
41:01: One healthy cult we both agree can be essential to being modern moguls and why we both love to travel
44:17: How Merlyne keeps a positive and radiant energy and what makes her a Modern Mogul


Jean-Louis Law Website
Connect with Merlyne on Linkedin

Building Made to Fit Hugs with Bra Theory

Mona is an English major turned Software Engineer turned Entrepreneur. She is now the founder of Bra Theory, a made-to-measure bra company that will solve your problems with bras. When she's not working on Bra Theory, Mona is either working relentlessly on self-introspection and self-growth... or skiing, dancing, singing, and being holistically human. In this episode, we are discussing:

1. How Mona came to find the problem with bras and decided to do something about solving it
2. How she views customer development and the impact it has had on her market positioning, pricing and MVP decisions so far
3. You'll also hear about her daily success ritual and leadership mantra and her perspective on imposter syndrome and talk to male VCs about her work


Show notes: 

1:30 - How Mona started her career as a Software Engineer and then decided to start her business
5:40 - How the idea for Bra Theory came to Mona and how her brand and marketing approach was influenced by deep research
11:50 - How Mona developed her market pricing and positioning to ensure she is building a sustainable business model
24:22 - Imposter syndrome and talking with VCs to ensure they understand the problem she is working to solve  
32:24 - how Mona made a tough leadership decision in the prototyping process so it would work for her long-term business model
50:21 - One thing Mona wants us all to know and remember for our journey as holistic humans

Tools and mentions: 

Paul Graham 
Steve Blank - Customer Development

Money Basics for your Vision Board Dreams

Nechelle Bartley is a seasoned Financial Strategist and Project Manager with 19+ years experience in her niche. She is the founder of Money Basics where she empowers female entrepreneurs to become true CEO's of their money. Through her compassionate mentorship approach, she guides women to get in touch with their money story so they can create and implement money goals that create consistent cash flow and enable them to more than afford their vision board dreams. Nechelle is also a fitness enthusiast and cake connoisseur. 

In this episode, we talk about common pitfalls for women and entrepreneurs and money and how to start overcoming them. Nechelle's experience on being a woman in business and her bigger mission. We also get an inside look at her thoughts on leadership and lessons learned that she wanted to share. Tune in! 

Show notes:

2:30 - Jumping in her background and how she came to be doing this work
5:30 - Our money programming and how we can get out of normal programming to disrupt and unleash our true money dreams
7:20 - Why our money and time management freedom goals cannot be separate
10:05 - How to go from the self discovery about money to having more in your bank account
18:05- leadership mantra : never be afraid to ask questions
21:01 - A personal experience and pivotal moment - the back story
29:03 - Why you need to limit your focus and scope to make bigger impacts as well as Nechelle's success rituals and what she recommends for us around money
39:30 Find out an interesting trend I spotted while talking to Nechelle in how businesses are helping us to define ourselves and our values



Redefining female leadership and success

Anna Rova is the Founder of Girlskill – an online media platform, publication, and podcast empowering women to live a life of freedom, joy, and creativity. She is also a writer, podcaster, yoga instructor and location independent entrepreneur. 
In this episode, we are talking about how Anna got on the path to rediscovering femininity and redefining female success and why it is important in our culture now. 

We dive into the potential perils of being an alpha female and how that led to a prominent Leadership fail for her as well as the lessons we can all takeaway from her story. 

If you are a fan or fan-curious about Women who run with wolves you’ll want to listen to her story about why it influences her branding one of her experiences in Bali and how the mystical and practical can co-exist. 

Show notes and talking points:  

  • 2:30: How Anna got on the personal development path and why redefining success is important right now
  • 5:30: What Anna found out about men and the difference between feminine and masculine that led her on this quest
  • 11:40: Alpha female syndrome and its perils 
  • 14:30: How women can stay ambitious and still embrace their femininity 
  • 16:00: What is Anna Rova’s leadership mantra for uncertainty
  • 26:00: A defining leadership failure and what Anna learned
  • 40:00: Women who run with wolves and why this is such a powerful book that inspired Anna’s Girlskill branding
  • 50:00: Anna’s “wow customer experience” and key takeaways to implement in your business

Resources mentioned:

Becoming A Self-Care Connoisseur

Dixie Lincoln-Nichols is a wife, mom, Biological science educator, author, certified self-care & wellness connoisseur and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Inside Outer Beauty Online and Global Women’s Self-Care Day, which celebrated its inaugural observation on July 19th, 2017. She has been featured in media outlets such as Redbook, Natural Health, Instyle, Working Woman, Huffington Post, and more. Dixie is a health and wellness coach, educating and inspiring women to rediscover their passion and purpose through the practice of self-care.

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In this episode, we talk about Dixie’s journey to entrepreneurship, how you can bring more practical self-care into your life to how to unapologetically enhance your health and beauty inside and out.

Episode Details:

2:20– Dixie’s background and how she came to be a founder and self-care connoisseur by being inspired by her grandmother and merging her love for science, creativity, and the human body
7:17 –The burning desire and deeper calling that lead Dixie to make the shift, go on a self-care sabbatical and ultimately pursue entrepreneurship
16:02 – The 3 step triple-A process to developing a self-care practice that will help you develop a solid and effective foundation to thrive in all areas of life
23:30 – Why women have to be more conscious and focus on self-care even more in the modern marketplace, regardless of what others may expect.
28:30– How Dixie became the Chief Self-care Connoisseur and how you can become one in your own life
35:01 – How to choose the physical fitness activity that works for you based on your life phase and energy levels (hint: It starts with listening to your body!)
41:21 – Dixie’s book writing process and how she committed to the process believing that she would get it done in 6 months while making it personable and connecting her content with her audience 

Connect with Dixie on her rebranded website at https://insideouterbeauty.com and http://globalwomensselfcareday.org

Moving from Trauma to Triumph

Moving from Trauma to Triumph

Marian Bacol-Uba is an Asian-American social entrepreneur, speaker, and author on a mission to inspire minority women to build a life of their own design.  In today’s episode, we talk about her background and transition from corporate work to a business that fulfills her passions and uses her expertise, how she triumphed over her past trauma of abuse, drugs, and debt to fuel for her work and how to make an impact by using your difference as an advantage.

Success Starts at Home With Feng Shui

Success Starts at Home With Feng Shui

Jess Neary is the founder of Nurture with Nature Home Designs where she helps homeowners create living spaces that are functional, supportive, and inspired by nature.  In this episode, we talk about combining energy healing, Feng Shui and infusing nature to help enhance our homes and lives.

Identify Your Goddess Archetype

Identify Your Goddess Archetype

Kara Melendy is a Spiritual mentor, business coach and founder of the Spiritual Goddess Movement where she helps female entrepreneurs generate more revenue in their businesses. In this week’s episode, we discuss, The Archetypes of the goddess and how you can use them to show different facets of your personality in your business, how to use
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release limiting beliefs and achieve your business and personal goals. 
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Embracing Good Goodbyes

Gladys Ato, Psy.D., is a personal growth expert, speaker, author, and strategic mentor to the next generation of thought leaders. After a successful career as a higher education executive leader, psychotherapist, and consultant, she founded Bridging Consciousness, a personal development website that helps you rise above life's challenges and step into the limelight of your life. A recognized Latina leader, she's featured in Hispanic Executive, Profiles in Diversity Journal, NPR, Thrive Global, Harness Magazine, and other publications. 

To receive a free workbook full of psychology-based strategies that help you apply The Good Goodbye approach to your life, visit www.drgladysato.com.

Episode Details:

1:45 - Dr. Gladys' background and the core value that was instilled in her as a child that led her to her current work
4:04 – The one trait we all need to succeed in life, love and work and how we can all tap into it now to thrive in times of change
6:20 – How we can all become more adaptable and come through hard times stronger and happier, without a one size fits all formula
8:24 - Why the Good Goodbye is different from other work around endings and change
9:31 - Dr. Gladys’ personal experience and the big aha moment that led to her realization the Good Goodbye approach
12:23 - The actionable definition of acceptance and how to realize you can do it in this moment regardless of your situation
16:20 - Her research findings on the stories we tell each other about goodbyes and how to deal with change and loss or grief
18:02 - How the way we talk about goodbyes in our culture has influenced the way we avoid and deny a necessary part of the change process
20:10 - The Good Goodbye book approach to change and loss and how it can help us rewrite our collective beliefs around goodbyes for the better
26:40 - How Dr. Gladys got the inspiration to write her book and finally committed to the process
30:12 - The 5 critical steps she took in the book writing process to complete it without losing sight of her audience and the one thing to NOT do if you are self-publishing
36:01 - How a series of personal losses and goodbyes proved that her principles work and could have a massive impact on others.
38:28 - How to connect with Dr. Gladys and get engaged with her community who are changing the meaning of goodbyes in our collective

Other Mentions:
Harlow's monkeys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O60TYAIgC4Women's bodies
Women’s Wisdom author: http://www.drnorthrup.com/

Stellar Content and Book Launch Strategy

Megan Dougherty is a digital marketing strategist and co-founder of One Stone Creative. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs launch into new marketing platforms like podcasts, videos, telesummits and online courses. She has worked with hundreds of businesses owners in a wide variety of industries over the last 8 years and believes that there’s always a way to get to where you want to be, even if it isn’t obvious at first.

In this episode, we are digging into how you can develop a stellar content strategy to create your own authority platform and how to launch a book for maximum impact using communities, partnerships and other out of the box tactics. Get more details and a checklist here: http://onestonecreative.net/booklaunch 

Episode details: 

1.50: Megan’s backstory and how she came to be a co-founder in her digital agency
4:01: How to create and audit your Master Content Plan with two simple questions
6:50: The one social media platform we both decided to opt-out of and why you can pick and choose your favorite for maximum return on time investment
9:40: How to put social media in its rightful place as a channel in relation to your business assets
12:30: Why your goals should evolve as your business grows and when to consider scaling your efforts
14:55: Why you need to develop a specific plan for your business and audience goals
16:54: The golden ratio of how to balance the social and business aspects of your platforms 21:50: How to think about content in your relationship building funnel for major leverage
25:50: How to implement a promotional book strategy and launch it to massive market success
27:29: How to use a book as an authority platform whether you are newly starting out or going pro
30:50: Out of the box strategies to plan and launch your book to market success using partnerships and your community
32:01: Crowdsourcing platforms and other strategies to generate buzz and income from your book
37:02 – Megan’s tips on how to avoid a common business mistake many high-achievers make