Money Basics for your Vision Board Dreams

Nechelle Bartley is a seasoned Financial Strategist and Project Manager with 19+ years experience in her niche. She is the founder of Money Basics where she empowers female entrepreneurs to become true CEO's of their money. Through her compassionate mentorship approach, she guides women to get in touch with their money story so they can create and implement money goals that create consistent cash flow and enable them to more than afford their vision board dreams. Nechelle is also a fitness enthusiast and cake connoisseur. 

In this episode, we talk about common pitfalls for women and entrepreneurs and money and how to start overcoming them. Nechelle's experience on being a woman in business and her bigger mission. We also get an inside look at her thoughts on leadership and listens learned that she wanted to share. Tune in! 

Show notes:

2:30 - Jumping in her background and how she came to be doing this work
5:30 - Our money programming and how we can get out of normal programming to disrupt and unleash our true money dreams
7:20 - Why our money and time management freedom goals cannot be separate
10:05 - How to go from the self discovery about money to having more in your bank account
18:05- leadership mantra : never be afraid to ask questions
21:01 - A personal experience and pivotal moment - the back story
29:03 - Why you need to limit your focus and scope to make bigger impacts as well as Nechelle's success rituals and what she recommends for us around money
39:30 Find out an interesting trend I spotted while talking to Nechelle in how businesses are helping us to define ourselves and our values


Redefining female leadership and success

Anna Rova is the Founder of Girlskill – an online media platform, publication, and podcast empowering women to live a life of freedom, joy, and creativity. She is also a writer, podcaster, yoga instructor and location independent entrepreneur. 
In this episode, we are talking about how Anna got on the path to rediscovering femininity and redefining female success and why it is important in our culture now. 

We dive into the potential perils of being an alpha female and how that led to a prominent Leadership fail for her as well as the lessons we can all takeaway from her story. 

If you are a fan or fan-curious about Women who run with wolves you’ll want to listen to her story about why it influences her branding one of her experiences in Bali and how the mystical and practical can co-exist. 

Show notes and talking points:  

  • 2:30: How Anna got on the personal development path and why redefining success is important right now
  • 5:30: What Anna found out about men and the difference between feminine and masculine that led her on this quest
  • 11:40: Alpha female syndrome and its perils 
  • 14:30: How women can stay ambitious and still embrace their femininity 
  • 16:00: What is Anna Rova’s leadership mantra for uncertainty
  • 26:00: A defining leadership failure and what Anna learned
  • 40:00: Women who run with wolves and why this is such a powerful book that inspired Anna’s Girlskill branding
  • 50:00: Anna’s “wow customer experience” and key takeaways to implement in your business

Resources mentioned:

Becoming A Self-Care Connoisseur

Becoming A Self-Care Connoisseur

Dixie Lincoln-Nichols is an author, certified self-care & wellness connoisseur and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Inside Outer Beauty and has been featured in media outlets such as Redbook, Instyle, Working Woman, Huffington Post, and others. In this episode, we talk about Dixie’s journey to entrepreneurship, how you can bring more practical self-care into your life to how to unapologeticaly enhance your health and beauty inside and out.
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Moving from Trauma to Triumph

Moving from Trauma to Triumph

Marian Bacol-Uba is an Asian-American social entrepreneur, speaker, and author on a mission to inspire minority women to build a life of their own design.  In today’s episode, we talk about her background and transition from corporate work to a business that fulfills her passions and uses her expertise, how she triumphed over her past trauma of abuse, drugs, and debt to fuel for her work and how to make an impact by using your difference as an advantage.

Success Starts at Home With Feng Shui

Success Starts at Home With Feng Shui

Jess Neary is the founder of Nurture with Nature Home Designs where she helps homeowners create living spaces that are functional, supportive, and inspired by nature.  In this episode, we talk about combining energy healing, Feng Shui and infusing nature to help enhance our homes and lives.

Identify Your Goddess Archetype

Identify Your Goddess Archetype

Kara Melendy is a Spiritual mentor, business coach and founder of the Spiritual Goddess Movement where she helps female entrepreneurs generate more revenue in their businesses. In this week’s episode, we discuss, The Archetypes of the goddess and how you can use them to show different facets of your personality in your business, how to use
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release limiting beliefs and achieve your business and personal goals. 
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Embracing Good Goodbyes

Embracing Good Goodbyes

Gladys Ato, Psy.D., is a personal growth expert, author, and strategic mentor to the next generation of thought leaders.  A recognized Latina leader, she's featured in Hispanic Executive, Profiles in Diversity Journal, NPR, Thrive Global and other publications. In this episode, we go deep on handling change, grief, and loss to come forward triumphantly. We also learn about her book writing and publishing process. 

Stellar Content and Book Launch Strategy

Stellar Content and Book Launch Strategy

Megan Dougherty is a digital marketing strategist and co-founder of One Stone Creative. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs launch into new marketing platforms like podcasts, videos, telesummits and online courses. In this episode, we are digging into how you can develop a stellar content strategy to create your own authority platform with a book launch. 
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Keep Your Female Friendships Close with Telle App

Keep Your Female Friendships Close with Telle App

Naama Barnea-Goraly M.D. was trained in child and adolescent psychiatry and worked as an Instructor and brain researcher at Stanford University.  Then she transitioned to become an entrepreneur by building an app to help women keep their girlfriends in their day to day lives no matter how busy or far apart they are.
In this episode, we talk about female friendships, why it is so important for your physical and mental health, and how Telle will help you keep your girlfriends close. 

Female Superpowers and Offline Dating

Female Superpowers and Offline Dating

Camille Virginia is the founder of Master Offline Dating. She has a unique talent and incredible passion for creating instant, in­-person connections and building authentic relationships. She helps singles who are burned out with online dating and apps to find love and lasting commitment in the real world. In this interview, we are talking about how to talk to men - without compromising your femininity and how to define and use your little-known secret communication weapon. 

Finding Abundance With Ease

Finding Abundance With Ease

Simone Craig holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting and has 22 years experience in the financial industry. She has also been a passionate student of the Law of Attraction, for the last 15 years. Simone combined her accounting skill, and unique insights into the Law of Attraction, to create a thriving 6-figure bookkeeping business. In this episode, we talk about why striving to do more and more, is actually repellent to true abundance and fulfillment

Tame Your Jungle or Eden

Dr. Perpetua Neo is a psychologist and coach who helps liberate high-achieving women from panic attacks, trauma, and their busy minds, quickly and deeply. Her process helps women to love and respect themselves, even if they think the idea is ridiculous or narcissistic. She has been featured and published in Forbes, Freedom podcast, Daily Worth, Huffington Post and Glamour. 

Perpetua grew up in Singapore, and she was a perfectionist who wanted to accomplish everything FAST! She was always dressed well, earning her own keep since she was a teenager so she never saw the shadow aspects of being a perfectionist.  She went to top universities in the world after moving to the UK and had a life most would envy, in reality, Perpetua was in pain. She lived through abuse and emotional trauma. She ignored her own needs until she couldn’t take it anymore and HAD to ask for help!

She began a journey of deep healing and after some time, healed her panic attacks, old stories from her childhood, and left her abuser for good.

Today she says, “I'm completely free. I don't need to whitewash that chapter out of my life. I'm no longer a perfectionist. And I can achieve, whilst sleeping, eating well and being happy.” In this episode, she shares how.



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Become a Professional Jetsetter

Kimberly Ramsawak's mission is to help adventurous professional women travel the world more, get paid for it, and have the global lifestyle they've always dreamed of, without sacrificing their financial security. She has been able to get paid to travel to 80 cities across 5 continents, doing work she loved and she is teaching others how to do the same. Kimberly’s work has been featured on Fast Company, MindBodyGreen, SUCCESS, Monster, NY Travel Fest, and others!

In this episode, we dive into Kimberly’s story of how she found this unconventional career path by following her dreams, how she got landed a high profile job in the industry with very little experience, and her advice on how to undertake a personal and business brand reinvention.

Her son also makes a special announcement at the end that Mompreneurs can appreciate. Listen in! =)

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Keys To Peak Performance

Johana Reyes - Zeno is the owner of Open Eyes Coaching. She holds Bachelors and Master Science Degrees and is a certified Strategic Interventionist. As a graduate of the Robbins Madanes Coach training, she has completed Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Leadership University and is well studied in neuro-linguistic programming techniques. 

Johana possesses the unique quality to tap into her client’s core truth. She confirms what they already intuitively know about themselves and then helps them use the power of this knowledge as a motivator to find personal leverage and accomplish their goals.

She gets clients to intervene in their own life, utilizing a creative portfolio of tools. In this episode, she gives us some tips and tricks to do this on our own.

You can get free coaching sessions to reach your next goal by connecting with Johana here:

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Quantum Leap with Style

Eyenie Schultz raises consciousness through style by helping her clients find their quantum essence and represent more of who they are and want to become. As the founder of Be The ICON movement, she works with avant-garde and unconventional women to express their true essence from the inside-out using clothes and NEON self-expression.

Leaving her corporate career to follow her love to France, she stepped into her life-long calling to help women express their best self through style. She tells us how neglecting ourselves keeps us small and slows our journey to success.

In this episode, she shares how she was playing it safe in the early stages of her business and had zero success. It was becoming the Technicolor Priestess and actually allowing her true-SELF to shine (from the inside-out) that changed her business!

If you are playing smaller than you know you are designed to be, and keeping yourself invisible, but want to reach a big vision, Eyenie has a question for you - “How can you serve people if they don't know you exist?”  Listen in on how to change that!

P.S: I also found myself laughing wayyyyyyy too much in this episode and we go VERY deep on this topic. The first 15 mins alone is per gold.  It’s a must listen to getting you out of your own way - starting tomorrow morning!


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Leading with User Experience (UX) Design

Louise Campbell is a user experience designer for e-commerce companies and a user experience design mentor for creative, who want to make it big in their technology careers. She is the founder of, where she shows graphic designers how to transition from print to high-paying digital jobs.

She is an expert in the area of women's career advancement and showing creatives how to ‘UpSkill’ to the high-paying salaries in the technology jobs everyone wants, but don't necessarily know how to ask for. Before mentoring, Louise established a successful 6-figure consulting business called UX Success as a lead user experience designer. She has been published and featured in The Huffington post, UX and Invision Design Blog.

Louise and I also talk about women in leadership and how to get our daughters to ignore the glass ceilings and achieve more as women and how to get paid well for your work! Listen in.

Her websites: and

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How to Reach and Make Millions

Katya Sarmiento is an avid gamer, traveler, and founder of Reach and Make Millions. Katya’s story starts back when she was 13 years old and diagnosed with depression.

She later realized, her depression was a result of not living her truth, purpose, and passion. She was also frustrated because she had a vision but lacked hope, motivation, and belief that it could actually happen.  All that changed when she found the online entrepreneur and coaching world. She started her business and went on to make a common mistake of getting booked out and burned out!

In this episode, Katya shares with us how she leverages modern technology to create systems that allow her to have peace of mind and more money in the bank. And it’s not what you think! We are here to share unconventional ideas after all. =)

We also discuss her process of recovery, overcoming an income plateau, being a woman in business, and how to redefine success! You can connect with Katya in these places:


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How to Combine Personal Reinvention and Nomading

Grace Hong has had a very interesting career, one that cut across many different industries and functional areas, from non-profit to international affairs, to working at a hedge fund, then running a software company. She loves learning through experience and has enjoyed building new products, teams, and ideas. 

However, Grace always wanted to start her own company and do her own thing. This past summer she did exactly that, she decided to leave her high-paying Corporate Executive role to do something unconventional. For the last few months, she’s been traveling the world and launching a consulting business as a digital nomad. 

In this episode, we talk about why it’s okay to meander and try things along the way and why that might actually be better for your career. Grace also shares how she got her first few clients and lifts the veil to share her take on being a leader and the personal practices that keep her grounded.

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And read her very interesting personal blog:

How to Live a Definitely Definitely Life

Jaimie is a Coach and Hypnotist. She grew up in Surrey (England), splitting her time between her parents and grandparents homes. At 25 she was ready to experience the world. She gave up everything she knew in London to move to New York City with 2 suitcases and nowhere to live. She says it was pure magic!

After creating a full life for herself in NYC, as a well paid Marketing Executives, she decided to pursue a new dream. She launched a coaching business for high achievers who want more fulfillment. She is now a skilled Coach and Hypnotist building a global business from her hometown in London.

In this episode, Jaimie shares about her transition between countries and big cities (NY and London), the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur and letting go of her corporate role, and how we can achieve more by trusting our intuition in business and life. In short, how to live a life that is a definite YES! 

Links mentioned:

The Modern Mogul Podcast Has Launched!

Modern Mogul Podcast

The first season of the Modern Mogul Podcast Series has launched.

I am super excited about the women who are featured in this series. We discussed taking unconventional careers paths in tech and modern strategies for leadership.

It is a free download on iTunes (iPhone) and Stitcher (Android) podcast store. You can access it here. Or search the app for "Modern Mogul Podcast". 
These episodes are live and can be accessed now. Be sure to subscribe and leave a positive review to qualify for a free strategy session with me. The video versions of these podcasts will be released on the blog over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

Here is the list of powerful women who stopped in to share their stories and some gems with us!

1.     Jaimie Crooks, London - Founder and Expert Coach, Jaimie encourages us to live a life that is a definite YES! A native Londoner, she came to NY to work at a corporate giant as a Marketing Executive. Two years later, she decided it was time for her to follow a calling dearer to her heart. Back in her London flat, she tells us the difference between New York and London and how she is living and spreading her message of a Definitely Definitely life to all who desire to have more joy and fulfillment!
Show Title: The Definitely Definitely Life
Jaimie’s website at
Free Gift:  An extended session with her just for our community:

2.     Grace Hong, Los Angeles - Consulting Entrepreneur and traveling nomad (at the time of this recording), Grace tells us about how she left her job as the GM/VP of a Software Company in NY, to follow a new path. She shares how her perspective shifted to allow her to start consulting and then traveling around the world while working. She also talks about her time in Thailand with Hackers Paradise and how she was able to secure clients to launch the next chapter of her career. 
Show title: Reinvention Through Nomading
Grace’s website: 
Personal blog:

3.     Katya Sarmiento, Atlanta - Empowers entrepreneurs to use tech more thoughtfully to run and scale their businesses. She is an all-around Tech enthusiast that left the conventional path, by never really being on it. Katya operates at the Chief Technology Officer for your businesses through her Tech Agency. We talk about leadership and taking a conscious path to personal change. Her work and knowledge have been widely featured. 
Show title: Reach and Make Millions
Katya’s Website:
Free Gift:

4.     Louise Campbell, London - A UX Consultant in the eCommerce space and UX Career Mentor for individuals transitioning from graphic design and related careers. Louise helps you figure out how to make the switch to a tech career and get paid for your expertise. Originally from London, Louise balances her time between various countries in the UK.  We riff on female leadership, owning the value of your work through pricing, and more about how to break into a lucrative UX career. Her ideas have been featured in InVision, Huffington Post, and UXMastery. 
Show Title: Lead with UX Design
Louise’s Website:
Free Gift: The pitch proposal that got me my 1st 5-figure user experience design contract.

5.     Eyenie Schultz, France - A Technicolor Priestess and Quantum leaping diva. She is teaching us how to use our style as a tool to quantum leap into the next level of your business, life and leadership. Not only is Eyenie’s journey from Denver Colorado to Albi, France an interesting one, she and I could not stop laughing and dorking out on all thing metaphysical, how to recognize when you are not living from a place of power and what to do about it every day to become more of who you were meant to be.
Show title: Quantum Leap with Style
Eyenie’s website: Website:
Free Gift: The 7-day Dress Like An ICON challenge 

6.     Johana Reyes, New Orleans - Johana is teaching us all about how to get out of our own way and embrace our individual and authentic value in all things sales, goal-setting, and following through to reach our peak potential. Johanna drops some serious gems in this quick interview about emotional leverage and why high-achievers tend to struggle with achieving more of the things that bring them true fulfillment.  
Show Title: Keys to Peak Performance
Connect with Johana here for one on one coaching:

7.    Kimberly Ramsawak, Pennsylvania - Do you want to become a Professional Jetsetter and get paid to travel the world while engaging in a career that leverages your expertise and delivers more JOY and fulfillment? Yes! Of course, you do. 
So I had a chat with Kimberly about her journey through undergrad and grad school to become an expert in this space. We also talked about to leverage your experience to transition to a new career, and the process of reinvention while launching a new chapter of your life or business. We also get a special treat from the momtrepreneur life at the end of this recording. Tune in! 
Show Title: Become a Professional Jetsetter
Kimberly’s website:
Free Gift: A guide on how to become a Jetsetter and get paid for it is at

8.   Dr. Perpetua Neo, London - Physiologist and Coach to high-achieving women who have panic attacks, anxiety, and trauma from abuse. Perpetua shares with listeners her story of being a spy, coaching at 19, and then becoming a psychologist. Perpetua also defines what a panic attack feels like and gives her best tips on how high-achieving women can deal with anxiety that comes up in modern life. I fangirl over her mystical Instagram profile a little in the beginning, but we do get to some good stuff. =) Tune in!  
Show title: Tame Your Jungle of Eden
Perpetua’s Website:
Free Gift:
Resource Mentioned:  

9.   Simone Craig, New Jersey - In this episode, we discussed how to Find Abundance with Ease with Mindset and Money Management expert Simone Craig. Simone has over 20 years in Financial Services,15 years studying law of attraction and has a true heroine’s journey from public accounting auditor to singer-actor and then leveraging her tools to build a 6 figure business. She now teaches LOA and mindset as a speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor for women entrepreneurs who want to create big abundance breakthroughs in a short amount of time. Show Title: Abundance with Ease
Simone’s website at
Free Gift: 

10.  Marlyne Pierce, New York City - Your host, Founder of Modern Mogul HQ, and creator of the Unstoppable Startup System. In this episode, I share the top 4 reasons most startups fail and what to do about it so you can beat the 90% failure rate. Then I cover the 5 steps necessary to build an unstoppable business that you love! These key areas are covered in actionable details in the 7-Day Immersion training. Tune in! 
Show Title: Unstoppable Startup Success
Gateway drug: