What is a Modern Mogul?

Where Modern and Classic Meets Business and Life

The classic idea of a mogul is someone who is wealthy and powerful in a particular industry, and whose primary focus and motivation is the aggregation of wealth and power. The Modern Mogul redefines this concept.

The Modern Mogul don't necessarily have access to the wealth of Wall Street, or the desire to live the lifestyle of a Wall Street Mogul or as an Investment Banker or Trader on the floors of the New York Stock Exchange. However, they have the desire for a lifestyle that is more than what is conventionally expected of them. They value the freedom of options and choices. They value impact and social equality. They are heart-focused and mission-driven. They are willing to reach for more and daring enough to believe and work towards creating it. They want to model a new version of the future and enable it with their business, their tech, and their lives. 

Modern Moguls are  innovative thinkers, startup entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to own their vision and make a massive impact. My vision is to provide the tools to enable these modern change makers to build and develop their dream into something more than a struggling business, or an idea that never gets fully executed or that ends up on the cutting room floor, like 90% of startups. Modern Mogul HQ is dedicated to everyday people who have a desire and a bold idea to live an extraordinary life while raising the vibrational energy of our planet.  

While I know many won't resonate with the term of of being a "Mogul" This is not for everyone, it is only for the extraordinary ones. Willing to approach life with an open mind, a connected heart and a helpful hand. 

Modern Moguls are not power hungry. They are powerful. They master themselves, then lead others who see the value and inspiration of their mission and vision. They use this power not to destroy and hurt others, but to leverage their purpose and passion and to deliver on their mission to create impactful change. I believe we need more of that in the modern marketplace. This is a movement of visionary change markers creating the future together. Join me - Lets do it together.