Three Simple Steps To Hire Great From The Start

How To Interview Like A Pro

If you are hiring a team for the first time, or you have never hired someone to work with you in your own business. It can be a little scary, and it can cause you to start feeling uneasy about your interview skills. You may also be tempted to go a bit off the beaten path and ask rogue questions that at best wastes your time, because you won't get relevant information about qualifications about the role, or at worst, lead to a law suit. Be careful about the questions you ask, keep the conversation about the roles and less about the persons life history. Know which questions are considered illegal. 

After reading this article you'll be prepared to interview with the confidence of a professional. 

How to make your interview relevant:  Have a good description and find highly qualified candidates. Here are the detailed steps to doing this seamlessly, even if it's your first time! 

Step 1: Create a clear and compelling job description:
As you write your job description, work at it with the end in mind. What is the overall value this person will deliver for your business. Keep the description simple, specific and straight forward. Be sure to list must have skills and nice to have skills. Nice to have skills are the things you may be willing to teach for a longer-term hire. Must have skills are those things you need the person to be experienced in so they can add value in their first week in the role. Also include information about your company and your mission / vision. Ideally, you'll want to attract candidates who are passionate about the work they'll do and the mission of your business. Search aggregated job listing websites such as, LinkedIn and have some similar role descriptions that you can follow as a template. 

Step 2: How to find good candidates:
Once you have your job description, you can post it on popular, and industry specific job boards where potential candidates can find your listing and apply. One of the best ways to find good candidates, experts, (or partners for your business for that matter), is to ask for referrals from people you already know, like, and trust.

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Ask your friends, neighbors, and family members who actually know something about your business and your industry. They'll make a more informed recommendation.

  • Put the word out on your social media channels, online groups or communities, everywhere that your clients and your tribe hang out.

  • Send a note to your mailing list. Wouldn't it be great if this person already knows your brand and what you stand for? Someone on your mailing list, may know the perfect person in their network of friends. 

Step 3: Make your interview process revealing with this check list:

  • Give your candidate an overview of the role and your business mission/vision

  • Ask about their interest in your job description, company, or industry

  • Keep your process on brand and make every question thoughtful and deliberate

  • Make the interview conversational by asking natural follow-up questions

  • Ask behavioral questions and notice how they think on their feet

  • Take note of how they handled similar situations in the past

  • Determine what level of problem-solving and initiative you can expect from them

  • Notice their demeanor or energy level on important or challenging questions

  • You are listening to understand their thought process and get a clear sense of how they think. There are really no right or wrong answers, just answers that are more or less aligned with what you need

  • If the responses are half-hearted, sounds convoluted, or the person seems bored and uninterested in answering, it goes with out saying that that might NOT be your person. 

There you go! Interview processes that are simple and clear are the most effective. Here are the summary steps: 

Step 1. Get clear on what you need and write your job description and requirements
Step 2. Identify quality candidates by asking for recommendations and referrals before going to online job listing websites
Step 3. Stay focused and ask questions that are related to your job and reveal if this person will be your ideal fit

If you still need more information on how to find and hire your dream team. You can download my comprehensive 10-page guide on the 7 Critical Steps To Hiring Your Dream Team, that virtually runs its self! It includes tips on the entire process, including behavioral questions you'll want to ask!