Growth Challenge: Resetting Your Mission Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of this challenge, I asked you to identify how your big vision aligns with your expertise and driving mission.

Now that you know your mission and your leverage points of people, process, products, you have a solid starting point for clarifying and resetting your mission in your business.

During the part 1 exercise, you may have found that some doubts or resistance came up for you with naming and owning your Big Vision and Mission and what qualifies you to carry it out.  It can be normal to have these thoughts and fears. You can still take action and move yourself forward.

The truth is your mission and purpose is related to service for others and has nothing to do with you and these resistances. 

The key is to continually bring awareness to how you are feeling and what is no longer working for you and change those things.  In Part 2 of this challenge, I'd like for you to bring awareness to the resistances that could be holding you back or limiting you in some way as you seek to fulfill your mission to serve.

Challenge Part 2:  
This is a continuation of the Part 1 exercise, I suggest using the same paper or notebook.

Take 3 - 6 deep breaths focusing on relaxing your entire body.  You can also put your hand over your heart to deepen the connection with your heart center. Once you feel connected to your heart, complete the activity by coming up with as many responses as you can to complete the sentences below.

Referencing the list of your mission and leverage points from yesterday. Complete the following sentences.

1. When I think about my desires and the steps I am currently taking or planning to take in my business, I feel ________

2. The areas that I may be holding myself back from stepping into power are ________________________

3. The primary shifts I can make to remove this obstacle to step into my powerful mission is_______________________

4. When I think about my business and the alignment between what I do, who I serve and how I deliver it, the part that feels out of alignment is___________________________

Truly tapping into where you are emotionally and what you can do next can have profound impact.  

Here is your Mogul Power thought: "I can overcome all obstacles through the divine power within me that naturally aligns me with my passion, purpose and mission." 

Come back to complete the final installment of Resetting Your Mission Part 3 of 3!