3 Essential Steps to Lead Your Niche, Slay and Deliver Like Beyonce

Beyonce Formation Video 

Beyonce Formation Video 

When Beyonce's new song "Formation" was released, the day before Super Bowl 50. It was a pleasant surprise for her fans and especially her super fans, The Beyhive, who had no idea it was coming. They found themselves delightfully surprised and re-memorized by the wow factor of Queen Beyonce. 

However, the Queen did not stop there, the song release was just an awareness strategy to ensure anticipation and engagement with her entertaining performance at the Super Bowl. She made sure all her fans were watching her perform the song and announced her  tour announcement at the exact next commercial after halftime.  It was a beautifully choreographed launch.  Yes, Beyonce has an amazing brand. Yes, she has an amazing platform and over the years she developed a masterful approach to layering her artistry into social conversations, by creating buzz worthy visual imagery, entertainment, and food for thought.  

In this post, I want to talk to you about what we can all learn from Queen Beyonce. I made some observations and have included some questions to take you from thinking about what she did and how she slayed, to building your own platform, with seductive strategy and killer marketing instincts that get’s your tribe to help you create major buzz and thousands of hashtags in your honor.

Lets Dive In!

#1 - Master Your Craft & Build Your Brand
Beyonce has been mastering her craft for over 10 years. You’ll remember that she started her career with the group Destiny's Child, where she was one of three female singers. Her manager at the time worked very hard to position her as the standout star in the top girl’s group. She was always in the center and every one who watched had the sense that she was the standout star. Ultimately she became her own master brand, bringing her Destiny’s Child fans along with her.

Mindset and Strategy: Start from where you are and be focused, diligent, and consistent to master your craft in a way that engages your audience. Also play a long game. Beyonce was able to consistently find the right opportunities to promote her brand. People always knew who she was and what to expect. When Beyonce was ready to add other elements into her personal brand, she created and presented Sasha Fierce to ease the transition for her fans. Beyonce was the one "ringing the alarm and turning it out" for what she believed in, but her fans were intrigued with her new and more edgy Sasha Fierce persona, because it also expressed another side of their personality.   

Take Action: What steps are you taking to master your craft? What is your brand story and are you being diligent and consistent with how you create and curate it so it connects with your kindred clients? How will you add new facets of your brand story as it grows and evolves? One key component of mastering this process is to create your brand around a message that has timeless relevance. Focus on the words and imagery that will excite your clients and infuse that in all aspects of your brand.  

#2 - Know Your Platforms (Mission, Message and Medium):
Beyonce has a through line across all her work; she is connected with her audience who value personal freedom, they are outspoken, and love fun, and fashion. She also speaks to their plight, motivates them, and entertains at a level that is beyond her peers. She brings excellence to everything as an artist and performer. She leverages all the channels available to her.

Mindset and Strategy: Beyonce knows her message and how to bring it to her audience again and again so they connect with her and stay engaged. She knows how to authentically tap into their emotion, so they feel her vibe and relate to her style. In Formation Beyonce’s mission is empowerment. She takes the watcher on an emotional journey, from racism to personal power. She is relatable because she joins the current conversation, she is a leader because she can elevate its importance by adding her voice to amplify theirs. She also appeals to all their senses by not just releasing a song, but also an album and a tour. Together these products create an immersive experience.  

Take Action: Your platform is also about your mission and message, as well as how you take it to your people. Which strategies will you use to become a thought leader in your niche area?  What areas of business or life will you champion? How can you share yourself  authentically for your cause so that the people who you serve wants to be a part of that conversation. What channels and mode of communication will you use? Whatever you choose, make sure it aligns with our natural skills and talents. 

#3 - Build Intrigue and Momentum: 
As I mentioned earlier, Beyonce didn’t just announce on Instagram or Twitter that she was going on tour. Nope, she created a build up and a momentum of her own. Taking everyone from the new song and video to Super Bowl performance, then to album and tour announcement. She created so much buzz in that 2 day timeframe that by the time the tour was announced everyone wanted to get these "must have" tickets asap! People were texting each other and posting on Facebook creating even more buzz. She also generate some controversy that inspired talk show debates, bringing even more attention to her platform for the issues at hand. 

Mindset and Strategy: Be deliberate in your actions, think through and create an integrated strategy that will enable you to meet your goals and make a buzz worthy impact. You can see how this is like a well choreographed dance.  It’s a sequential process, the proverbial strip tease to get your audience talking, intrigued and waiting for your next thing, credit card in hand, and microphone in the next to tell the world about you and your awesome products and services!  

Take Action: Once you have done the ground work in the last two steps of mastering your craft and creating your brand, and you know who you are talking to and how to talk with them, then you can create momentum to propel your product, offering and message forward.
Here are the steps to this approach:  once you know your offer:

Step 1 - Know your offer and how it solves your audiences pain or desire, what will it do for them financially and emotionally?  

Step 2- Create a teaser to entice your followers, draw them in and make them care focus on outcomes on all levels tap the emotions

Step 3 - Make sure the teaser creates value and suspense that aligns with the big launch. This is a journey to purchase your “world tour”! So take the time to think through how each step logically leads to the next and creates an anticipation for what could be next. 

Step 4 - Create tension, buzz and desire for more in your audience. Get them to keep coming back and checking into what you have going on. Use all your visibility methods, speaking, writing, podcasting, social media, paid or earned media. Get creative and do it! 

Step 5 - Finally, drop your main offer to fill that need and desire gap that you created. Make sure you deliver the goods!! Or you may not have a second chance. Deliver excellence. Have you ever seen a Beyonce concert? Aim to be at that level with your delivery. 

These steps are the essential cliff notes on how you can slay like Beyonce and deliver your valuable mission and message to your growing audience of fans. Be sure to bring your own flair, your personality and unique way of joining the on going conversation your audience is engaged in, that's the best way to get their attention. 

Take action today: What is a key thing you can apply from this blog post? How can you engage your audience, surprise them to keep them intrigued and delighted? 

Do you need help executing on this?
I can help you develop your own vision and the goals and strategies to support it with the five steps outlined above. This is one piece of the work I help my private clients with. We identify your master brand story and marketing messages and arm you with a strategic game plan of your own. You'll walk away with clarity about how your content and offerings can work seamlessly together to get more clients and be seen as the go-to-expert in your niche. 

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