Growth Challenge: Resetting Your Mission Part 3 of 3

Reset Your Mission Now

In today's challenge blog we will continue the process of resetting your mission.

To recap, resetting you mission is about finding realignment by creating a business that is aligned with your vision, mission, talents and how you want to show up in the world. Then, making sure your business strategy and key aspects such as product, price and the people you serve and work with are in alignment.

In Part 2 incorporated the thought that "I can overcome all obstacles through the divine power within me that naturally aligns me with my passion, purpose and mission."  We also recognized the resistances that could be keeping you in a state of misalignment with what you truly want, or from taking consistent action to achieve your desired outcome. Let's bring more awareness to that resistance and determine the best way to dissolve it.

Here is a fact, alignment and balance is a continuous process, just try standing on one leg for a minute to test this idea.  If you ever did a yoga class you already know it's true. Sometimes it's a major shift that is needed and other times its a  micro-adjustments, sometimes you'll make a tweak and fall right over. Have you been there? The key to staying in business alignment is to be self-aware and consistently taking actions to tweak, fix, start over, and reintegrate your new learning until you build a solid foundation and create the leverage to ramp, scale and lead in a way that you love.

In this final part of our challenge. I want to help you with bringing it all together so you can take action steps to reset how you are operating in your business. 

Challenge Activity Part 3:

Set the scene for yourself. Take 3 - 6 deep breaths with your hand over your heart center once you have connected with your divine spirit. Then take a few minutes to complete the chart below:

* As you complete it recognize where your intuition is telling you that there needs to be change. You can re draw the chart on a sheet of paper and complete it by hand. 

Instructions for each column is listed below: 

Alignment excercise

Column 1: Make a list of all your products, packages or offerings.
Column 2: List the price per product
Column 3: Who do you offer this to, who is the target market you would serve with each product? 
Column 4: Once you have that, bring in your feelings and awareness to those products and the clients you serve with them. How do you feel about the way things are structured now?
Column 5: Assign a rating on a scale from one (low alignment)  to ten (fully aligned) in the next column. If any area is not an absolute 10, what your opportunity to change it now, or in the next few weeks?
Column 6: Identify the potential changes you can make
Column 7: Finally, decide on your Next Step. This final step is your action for resetting your business. Choose your next step as something you can do in the next 24 to 72 hours to start building momentum. 

It's important to take action right away to demonstrate to your conscious and subconscious mind that you have made a decision and you are willing to back it up with actions steps. 

If you are having any questions comment below or send me a message here


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