4 Ways To Lead Like A Mogul

Lead like a mogul

Being a powerful leader means stepping into the decision making role and embracing change as a way of living. It starts with acknowledging that things are not happening to you, but you are actively creating your experience each day. The things happening in your business today are the result of what you have been thinking about or working on for the last 3 months or maybe even the last three years.

Leading like a mogul requires ensuring alignment between your goals and the actions you take on an ongoing basis.  Taking time to get clear on your vision so you can reassess and release the things that no longer work for you and/or your clients are essential keys to being a powerful leader.

Here are some keys to getting started:

Leadership Trait #1- Cultivate Awareness: As you go through the next few days, notice the things that are draining versus the things that are energizing you in your business. Stay aware of your energy levels as a powerful signal of where you need to make changes. Consider how you feel about the processes you are using in your business and the products you are offering. Do you enjoy how you are working and the way you are serving with your business? 

Once you know what isn't working, you can start to make small changes in how you do things AND make shifts in your perspective on things you cannot change immediately. 

This could lead to profound changes in how your business looks and feels in a few short months. I've seen this happen with my leadership coaching clients time and time again.

Leadership Trait #2 - Evaluate Your People: I'd like to invite you to an audit of the people that are in your business, whether they are clients, business partners, affiliates, or contractors. Make a list of the people and the context of your engagement with them. For each relationship that might be problematic consider the following questions.

  • What about working with them lights you up and what drains you? 
  • Do you need to set new boundaries by speaking with them or do you need to implement more legal boundaries and contracts going forward?
  • How can you engage and connect with more people who light you up and challenge you to become a better version of yourself or helps you accomplish more of your goals?

Leadership Trait #3 - Uplevel Your Productivity: Focus and productivity are two of the biggest challenges of epic business leaders. One way to start making changes is to examine how you are spending your time on a daily basis.

  • Can you get clearer on your goals and how they align with your daily activities?
  • Are you spending maximum time working on your priority goals or do you easily get distracted by social media or the demands of other people on your time?
  • Consider using tools like Basecamp, Evernote or Trello to help keep your projects and to-do list organized.  You can also use an app like Pomodoro to help you block your time and stay focused on priority tasks. 

Make your priority list and commit to following through!!

Leadership Trait #4 - Declutter Your Workspace: If you are like most creatives and busy entrepreneurs you probably have a lot of paper and books everywhere. You probably have more than enough notebooks to source a small African Village. This can easily become very overwhelming in your workspace. Your environment impacts your energy and your productivity.... so look around.

  • What can you file away or throw out right now?
  • Are there books that you can donate or resell?
  • Is your space clean and well-ventilated?
  • Does your work chair allow for a straight spine?
  • What can you do to make sure that you're working in a space that supports you in doing your best work? 

*If you are working from a bed or couch you might want to reconsider doing that!

Key Takeaway: Identify 1-2 changes that you can make based on your evaluation of these areas. What actions could have the biggest impact on your ability to lead your business right now?  

Make use of your time spent reading this blog post... go take action and come back and leave a comment! xo