4 Ways To Lead Like A Mogul

Lead like a mogul

Being a powerful leader means stepping into the decision making role and embracing change as a way of living. It starts with acknowledging that things are not happening to you, but you are actively creating your experience each day. The things happening in your business today are the result of what you have been thinking about or working on for the last 3 months or maybe even the last three years.

Leading like a mogul requires ensuring alignment between your goals and the actions you take on an ongoing basis.  Taking time to get clear on your vision so you can reassess and release the things that no longer work for you and/or your clients are essential keys to being a powerful leader.

Here are some keys to getting started:

Leadership Trait #1- Cultivate Awareness: As you go through the next few days, notice the things that are draining versus the things that are energizing you in your business. Stay aware of your energy levels as a powerful signal of where you need to make changes. Consider how you feel about the processes you are using in your business and the products you are offering. Do you enjoy how you are working and the way you are serving with your business? 

Once you know what isn't working, you can start to make small changes in how you do things AND make shifts in your perspective on things you cannot change immediately. 

This could lead to profound changes in how your business looks and feels in a few short months. I've seen this happen with my leadership coaching clients time and time again.

Leadership Trait #2 - Evaluate Your People: I'd like to invite you to an audit of the people that are in your business, whether they are clients, business partners, affiliates, or contractors. Make a list of the people and the context of your engagement with them. For each relationship that might be problematic consider the following questions.

  • What about working with them lights you up and what drains you? 
  • Do you need to set new boundaries by speaking with them or do you need to implement more legal boundaries and contracts going forward?
  • How can you engage and connect with more people who light you up and challenge you to become a better version of yourself or helps you accomplish more of your goals?

Leadership Trait #3 - Uplevel Your Productivity: Focus and productivity are two of the biggest challenges of epic business leaders. One way to start making changes is to examine how you are spending your time on a daily basis.

  • Can you get clearer on your goals and how they align with your daily activities?
  • Are you spending maximum time working on your priority goals or do you easily get distracted by social media or the demands of other people on your time?
  • Consider using tools like Basecamp, Evernote or Trello to help keep your projects and to-do list organized.  You can also use an app like Pomodoro to help you block your time and stay focused on priority tasks. 

Make your priority list and commit to following through!!

Leadership Trait #4 - Declutter Your Workspace: If you are like most creatives and busy entrepreneurs you probably have a lot of paper and books everywhere. You probably have more than enough notebooks to source a small African Village. This can easily become very overwhelming in your workspace. Your environment impacts your energy and your productivity.... so look around.

  • What can you file away or throw out right now?
  • Are there books that you can donate or resell?
  • Is your space clean and well-ventilated?
  • Does your work chair allow for a straight spine?
  • What can you do to make sure that you're working in a space that supports you in doing your best work? 

*If you are working from a bed or couch you might want to reconsider doing that!

Key Takeaway: Identify 1-2 changes that you can make based on your evaluation of these areas. What actions could have the biggest impact on your ability to lead your business right now?  

Make use of your time spent reading this blog post... go take action and come back and leave a comment! xo 

How to Discover, Engage and Lead Your Tribe of Kindreds

A Kindred - is of the same mind as you. These are people who get you, get your cause and will help you build your movement, once you are able to discover, engage and lead them with your special gifts. 

What if I told you that your Kindred tribe is currently congregating in a way that you can easily find and serve them with your gifts? What if I told you they are waiting for a solution that only you can provide in your unique way? 

Well it's true. 

They represent your “scene” where you can develop and deliver your highest value as a person and as a business. I think it's time you pay attention and find your kindred tribe.

Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” The point is, you get to be thoughtful and intentional about who you spend your time with and how you engage them in your movement as collaborators, partners and clients. 

So where can you find them? 

Spolier alert - Your Kindreds are literally everywhere. The key is for you to start reconciling them. They could be a virtual group or in-person network that you are already spend time with. You are related to them when you think "people like us do....." they are doing the things, thinking the thoughts and being fueled for a cause that you are also interested and fired up about. In the online space, they are likely, listening to the same podcasts, watching the same live streams and blogs or reviewing the same books and podcasts that you love. You can find them engaging both on and offline with people you consider online influences. These are people who are similar to you, they could be leaders that you can learn from, business peers you want to collaborate with or new comers that you can mentor. 

I believe that if we seek out a community of people moving in the same direction and you connect with them, you’ll most surely get to your destination and have more fun on the way. The primary objective is to identify and connect in an authentic way, then find how you can serve them before you ever looking to add value for yourself. As modern mogul your goal is to serve as you lead if you keep your heart and focus on this, you literally cannot fail to connect with and influence the people and causes you care about. Isn't that the reason you are in business anyway? So notice what they could be doing and start engaging. 

The action steps: 
Who are they? What do they care about? Where are they in their life stage or business? What value do they add to you and the world at large? What can you learn from them? What value can you bring to them? It is simpler that we make it. 

The challenge, if you choose to accept it is to reach out and connect with them. Here are some ways you can do this: 

Make a list of the following places that you can start connecting your Kindred tribe and fulfilling your goal of building momentum towards your movement.

  • List 5 Blogs where they hang out. Can you contribute your voice in the comments or as a guest blogger there?
  • List 5 podcast that you love and they listen to. How can you get on that show or find the people who listen to it? How can you connect with them personally and/or for your business?
  • List 5 business owners in complimentary niches that you can collaborate with to share your genius and your gifts. Can you reach out to them in the next 2-3 weeks?
  • Identify 3 offline places that your tribe hangout. Can you go there and be in community with them? How can you contribute and serve them in a consistent way?

Once you start attracting your Kindred community and tribe, as Seth Godin calls them - create a safe space (i.e. facebook community or meetup group)  where you can connect to support each others goals and share ideas on an ongoing basis. It's much easier to keep building your dream business and life when you feel supported and when you know you can support others. This is part of our human design. Find your tribe, then come back and tell me about it. 

Mantras that empower Modern Leaders towards the Mogul Mindset


There is a lot of talk online about mindset and mindset mastery these days. This "Mindset work" seems particularly targeted towards women. 

Why is this such an issue for women in business? That's the question of the age and won't be solved in this post.

However, one of the things I want to do in this post is empower you with adopting a mogul mindset. A Mogul Mindset is essentially the opposite of a poor or limiting mindset.

Your mindset is how you think about things, your perspective about life and the beliefs you work from internally. To know your mindset, do some self-discovery work. Ask yourself, do you expect success and abundance or mostly scarcity and failure? Some of your limiting beliefs or thoughts will be immediately cleared once you recognize them and can make the change. Others will require more inner work. The fact is your thinking affects your priorities and your results. So it is pretty important stuff.

How do you know if you have a mindset issue?

It can show up in many ways. Here are some common ones: 

  • Not taking consistent actions towards the goals you say you have for your business
  • Waiting for perfection before you explore your options, ship your work, or share your ideas
  • Holding on to procrastination and overwhelm or the need to avoid as crutches
  • Having a pattern of negative thoughts that keep you stuck and feeling like a victim of the "system" or the "man"
  • Hyper awareness of what is wrong with the world and why you can't have what you need or want

For sure there are things wrong with the world, there are also unfair things that happen and can leave us feeling less than energized. But if you wallow, if you are stuck in the same place for weeks, months or even years. You need some inner work.

One way to address this is to find some affirmations that speak directly to the areas that you know are holding you back. It could be a mindset or way of thinking that makes you addicted to validation from others, or always needing to KNOW before you take action (perfectionism), or not investing in yourself in meaningful ways.

Whatever it is, having a few personal mantras to help you confront those thought patterns can be a step in the direction of releasing and unlocking more of your greatness. Here are a few of my favorites that address some common areas that I see in clients:

Takeaway Action: 
Select affirmations from list below. Find the ones that really resonate with you, then write them out in a journal, say them out loud and start to believe and live them on a daily basis. 

I use my intuition to dictate, create, and live a life that supports me  
I unsubscribe from the mindset of others who are not truly alive
I am unapologetic in going after dreams that support my spirit
I am willing to let go of the status quo programming that doesn't serve me
I am committed to living an uncommon life
I embrace wonder at the potential for miracles in every moment
I am unique - I reject everything that asks me to be average or mediocre
I fully embrace the things that make me "weird" or "nerdy" as they fact hint at my superpowers
I take responsibility for my future and my finances
I will not value the opinion of others over my own intuition and inner knowing
I do what it takes to get the work done, add massive value, and make a lasting difference
I am here to create a legacy of impact by fully being my highest self
I play to my strengths and work to achieve my life's mission
I make time for fun and the people and relationships that matter in my life
I am dedicated to creating impact and lasting change
I give back of my time, money, love, and privilege to others in support of a larger mission
I have decided to do what it takes to MASTER my destiny and unleash my brilliance
I know I am not for everybody and that is ok, the people who I am here to serve with gravitate towards me
I am divinely directed and supported
I am more than enough and all is well

Three Simple Steps To Hire Great From The Start

How To Interview Like A Pro

If you are hiring a team for the first time, or you have never hired someone to work with you in your own business. It can be a little scary, and it can cause you to start feeling uneasy about your interview skills. You may also be tempted to go a bit off the beaten path and ask rogue questions that at best wastes your time, because you won't get relevant information about qualifications about the role, or at worst, lead to a law suit. Be careful about the questions you ask, keep the conversation about the roles and less about the persons life history. Know which questions are considered illegal. 

After reading this article you'll be prepared to interview with the confidence of a professional. 

How to make your interview relevant:  Have a good description and find highly qualified candidates. Here are the detailed steps to doing this seamlessly, even if it's your first time! 

Step 1: Create a clear and compelling job description:
As you write your job description, work at it with the end in mind. What is the overall value this person will deliver for your business. Keep the description simple, specific and straight forward. Be sure to list must have skills and nice to have skills. Nice to have skills are the things you may be willing to teach for a longer-term hire. Must have skills are those things you need the person to be experienced in so they can add value in their first week in the role. Also include information about your company and your mission / vision. Ideally, you'll want to attract candidates who are passionate about the work they'll do and the mission of your business. Search aggregated job listing websites such as indeed.com, LinkedIn and Simplyhired.com have some similar role descriptions that you can follow as a template. 

Step 2: How to find good candidates:
Once you have your job description, you can post it on popular, and industry specific job boards where potential candidates can find your listing and apply. One of the best ways to find good candidates, experts, (or partners for your business for that matter), is to ask for referrals from people you already know, like, and trust.

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Ask your friends, neighbors, and family members who actually know something about your business and your industry. They'll make a more informed recommendation.

  • Put the word out on your social media channels, online groups or communities, everywhere that your clients and your tribe hang out.

  • Send a note to your mailing list. Wouldn't it be great if this person already knows your brand and what you stand for? Someone on your mailing list, may know the perfect person in their network of friends. 

Step 3: Make your interview process revealing with this check list:

  • Give your candidate an overview of the role and your business mission/vision

  • Ask about their interest in your job description, company, or industry

  • Keep your process on brand and make every question thoughtful and deliberate

  • Make the interview conversational by asking natural follow-up questions

  • Ask behavioral questions and notice how they think on their feet

  • Take note of how they handled similar situations in the past

  • Determine what level of problem-solving and initiative you can expect from them

  • Notice their demeanor or energy level on important or challenging questions

  • You are listening to understand their thought process and get a clear sense of how they think. There are really no right or wrong answers, just answers that are more or less aligned with what you need

  • If the responses are half-hearted, sounds convoluted, or the person seems bored and uninterested in answering, it goes with out saying that that might NOT be your person. 

There you go! Interview processes that are simple and clear are the most effective. Here are the summary steps: 

Step 1. Get clear on what you need and write your job description and requirements
Step 2. Identify quality candidates by asking for recommendations and referrals before going to online job listing websites
Step 3. Stay focused and ask questions that are related to your job and reveal if this person will be your ideal fit

If you still need more information on how to find and hire your dream team. You can download my comprehensive 10-page guide on the 7 Critical Steps To Hiring Your Dream Team, that virtually runs its self! It includes tips on the entire process, including behavioral questions you'll want to ask!  

Four Factors To Consider When Hiring Your Dream Team

Hire Your Dream Team

When business owners are ready to expand and grow their business, they often get excited, then emotional, and ultimately they may start to feel frustrated.

Many confess to me that they are concerned about trusting someone else to do essential tasks in their business, or about wasting money and not getting the value they expect.  Today, I am sharing some essential factors to consider so you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes when hiring or securing help for your business.  

Be realistic - Be realistic in what one person can accomplish with their skill set, knowledge, and expertise.  If you want someone to help you with your graphic designs, don’t also expect them to help you do your prospecting, your project management, and creating your strategic plan for the next year. Also be prepared to pay more for high quality candidates. If you can't pay top dollar for the best talent today, consider unique ways to make your business appealing to these individuals, what kind of value can you exchange that would demonstrate equity and appreciation? Get creative and resourceful, you're a modern mogul in the making. I know you can do it.  

Set clear objectives - Know the goals that the person in this role will help you accomplish. Is it more time to invest in your business planning or sales? Is it to support you with your launch strategy or product development cycle? How will they support you and what will the outcome of this hire be? The answers to these questions will help you determine the skill set and temperament you'll need, and the terms of the contract you want to have with them. 

Value deep expertise - Do you need an expert or do you want someone who is teachable? Consider the skills you are willing to teach and what areas demand expertise? If you hire cheaply, or don’t do your due diligence, you may have someone who is essentially learning on your dime. Totally not recommended if you are not running a charity. Even interns should have some clear tasks that they can accomplish without supervision. If you decide to train your new hire and they decide not to stick around, this could cost you more in the long run. Decide wisely. 

Know your terms of engagement - Are you hiring for a specific project and time frame or do you need someone on an ongoing full-time or part-time basis? Consider how that role could grow in your company? Anticipate if you need to hire one type of skill set and outsource the rest. For example, you would hire a customer service or project manager for your team on a part-time or full-time basis, but you may only want a contractor for a product launch, new marketing funnel, website redesign, or to run a proof of concept. There are many ways that you can structure your hiring to ensure you don't over invest and you can have the help and support you need when you need it.   

Are you seeking to hire a team, but not quite sure what you need? Start with my free guide to discover the essential steps to hiring and developing your dream team! 

What is a Modern Mogul?

Where Modern and Classic Meets Business and Life

The classic idea of a mogul is someone who is wealthy and powerful in a particular industry, and whose primary focus and motivation is the aggregation of wealth and power. The Modern Mogul redefines this concept.

The Modern Mogul don't necessarily have access to the wealth of Wall Street, or the desire to live the lifestyle of a Wall Street Mogul or as an Investment Banker or Trader on the floors of the New York Stock Exchange. However, they have the desire for a lifestyle that is more than what is conventionally expected of them. They value the freedom of options and choices. They value impact and social equality. They are heart-focused and mission-driven. They are willing to reach for more and daring enough to believe and work towards creating it. They want to model a new version of the future and enable it with their business, their tech, and their lives. 

Modern Moguls are  innovative thinkers, startup entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to own their vision and make a massive impact. My vision is to provide the tools to enable these modern change makers to build and develop their dream into something more than a struggling business, or an idea that never gets fully executed or that ends up on the cutting room floor, like 90% of startups. Modern Mogul HQ is dedicated to everyday people who have a desire and a bold idea to live an extraordinary life while raising the vibrational energy of our planet.  

While I know many won't resonate with the term of of being a "Mogul" This is not for everyone, it is only for the extraordinary ones. Willing to approach life with an open mind, a connected heart and a helpful hand. 

Modern Moguls are not power hungry. They are powerful. They master themselves, then lead others who see the value and inspiration of their mission and vision. They use this power not to destroy and hurt others, but to leverage their purpose and passion and to deliver on their mission to create impactful change. I believe we need more of that in the modern marketplace. This is a movement of visionary change markers creating the future together. Join me - Lets do it together.