Redefining female leadership and success

Anna Rova is the Founder of Girlskill – an online media platform, publication, and podcast empowering women to live a life of freedom, joy, and creativity. She is also a writer, podcaster, yoga instructor and location independent entrepreneur. 
In this episode, we are talking about how Anna got on the path to rediscovering femininity and redefining female success and why it is important in our culture now. 

We dive into the potential perils of being an alpha female and how that led to a prominent Leadership fail for her as well as the lessons we can all takeaway from her story. 

If you are a fan or fan-curious about Women who run with wolves you’ll want to listen to her story about why it influences her branding one of her experiences in Bali and how the mystical and practical can co-exist. 

Show notes and talking points:  

  • 2:30: How Anna got on the personal development path and why redefining success is important right now
  • 5:30: What Anna found out about men and the difference between feminine and masculine that led her on this quest
  • 11:40: Alpha female syndrome and its perils 
  • 14:30: How women can stay ambitious and still embrace their femininity 
  • 16:00: What is Anna Rova’s leadership mantra for uncertainty
  • 26:00: A defining leadership failure and what Anna learned
  • 40:00: Women who run with wolves and why this is such a powerful book that inspired Anna’s Girlskill branding
  • 50:00: Anna’s “wow customer experience” and key takeaways to implement in your business

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