How to Live a Definitely Definitely Life

Jaimie is a Coach and Hypnotist. She grew up in Surrey (England), splitting her time between her parents and grandparents homes. At 25 she was ready to experience the world. She gave up everything she knew in London to move to New York City with 2 suitcases and nowhere to live. She says it was pure magic!

After creating a full life for herself in NYC, as a well paid Marketing Executives, she decided to pursue a new dream. She launched a coaching business for high achievers who want more fulfillment. She is now a skilled Coach and Hypnotist building a global business from her hometown in London.

In this episode, Jaimie shares about her transition between countries and big cities (NY and London), the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur and letting go of her corporate role, and how we can achieve more by trusting our intuition in business and life. In short, how to live a life that is a definite YES! 

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