Tame Your Jungle or Eden

Dr. Perpetua Neo is a psychologist and coach who helps liberate high-achieving women from panic attacks, trauma, and their busy minds, quickly and deeply. Her process helps women to love and respect themselves, even if they think the idea is ridiculous or narcissistic. She has been featured and published in Forbes, Freedom podcast, Daily Worth, Huffington Post and Glamour. 

Perpetua grew up in Singapore, and she was a perfectionist who wanted to accomplish everything FAST! She was always dressed well, earning her own keep since she was a teenager so she never saw the shadow aspects of being a perfectionist.  She went to top universities in the world after moving to the UK and had a life most would envy, in reality, Perpetua was in pain. She lived through abuse and emotional trauma. She ignored her own needs until she couldn’t take it anymore and HAD to ask for help!

She began a journey of deep healing and after some time, healed her panic attacks, old stories from her childhood, and left her abuser for good.

Today she says, “I'm completely free. I don't need to whitewash that chapter out of my life. I'm no longer a perfectionist. And I can achieve, whilst sleeping, eating well and being happy.” In this episode, she shares how.

Website: http://www.perpetuaneo.com/

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