Quantum Leap with Style

Eyenie Schultz raises consciousness through style by helping her clients find their quantum essence and represent more of who they are and want to become. As the founder of Be The ICON movement, she works with avant-garde and unconventional women to express their true essence from the inside-out using clothes and NEON self-expression.

Leaving her corporate career to follow her love to France, she stepped into her life-long calling to help women express their best self through style. She tells us how neglecting ourselves keeps us small and slows our journey to success.

In this episode, she shares how she was playing it safe in the early stages of her business and had zero success. It was becoming the Technicolor Priestess and actually allowing her true-SELF to shine (from the inside-out) that changed her business!

If you are playing smaller than you know you are designed to be, and keeping yourself invisible, but want to reach a big vision, Eyenie has a question for you - “How can you serve people if they don't know you exist?”  Listen in on how to change that!

P.S: I also found myself laughing wayyyyyyy too much in this episode and we go VERY deep on this topic. The first 15 mins alone is per gold.  It’s a must listen to getting you out of your own way - starting tomorrow morning!

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