How to Combine Personal Reinvention and Nomading

Grace Hong has had a very interesting career, one that cut across many different industries and functional areas, from non-profit to international affairs, to working at a hedge fund, then running a software company. She loves learning through experience and has enjoyed building new products, teams, and ideas. 

However, Grace always wanted to start her own company and do her own thing. This past summer she did exactly that, she decided to leave her high-paying Corporate Executive role to do something unconventional. For the last few months, she’s been traveling the world and launching a consulting business as a digital nomad. 

In this episode, we talk about why it’s okay to meander and try things along the way and why that might actually be better for your career. Grace also shares how she got her first few clients and lifts the veil to share her take on being a leader and the personal practices that keep her grounded.

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