How to Curate An Attractive Archetype Lead with your Brand Story

To truly connect with your clients at a visceral level, you need to speak the language of their pain, the solution they want, and the emotion behind their vision of a solution. This is what I am calling a curated archetype, at its core is the ability to talk the language of your clients aka - use their tribal language so you can join the conversation that is already happening.

I created the exercises below to help you get realigned with who you are - this is ALWAYS the first step as a business leader - and then help you create your brand archetype which is established by your over brand experience, including your brand story. This becomes easier when  you are self-aligned, vision-aligned and in tune with the customers you want to attract and engage at a deep level.

Your goal here is to refine your message and communicate with clarity what you stand for, what you are against, what makes you a credible leader, and how you can help transform potential clients in the way that they desire most. It's a tall order, but you can do it.

Let's dive in!

Consider the different personality tests or branding tests you have taken over the last few years. These are preset archetypes that can make this work a little easier. Some popular ones you may have taken include:

  • Myers Briggs
  • The Fascination Advantage
  • Strength Finders
  • The Enneagram
  • Human Design
  • Carl Jungian's Archetypes
  • and Others!

Considering your results from the personality or branding tests you have taken. What resonated most? What were your key takeaways? You may not agree with all they said in the report and some of the results may even conflict, but you have permission to use your intuition to identify what is true for you. And what to elevate as true for you and how you want to show up in the world. 

Step 1: Make a list of the top five most empowering things that you have learned about yourself from personality or brand assessments.

Step 2: List three people (famous or personal connections) that you admire greatly.

Write down:

  • Who are they?
  • What did/does their mission seem to be?
  • What adjectives come to mind when you think of them?
  • What status quo or injustice do they fight against or defy?
  • Can you see how their life story connects with their mission?
  • Do you also care about the causes that they promote or the injustices that they rally against?

The values you admire most about these individuals may also align very closely with who you aspire to be and the impact you want to make through your business (and life!). 

The responses to these questions can serve as clear cues to helping you define what you stand for, what you're against, and who you want to serve. We resonate most with those things that are also apart of us.  

Takeaway Action: In a journal make some notes from the above exercise. Are there connecting words or themes between your personality types, your known strengthens, and the top people you most admire? List those words, feelings, and adjectives that come up a few times or seems most relevant. 

These are clues to your key values and may relate to your business vision. How can you translate them into your business brand story? This is the work of creating a clear brand and mission-aligned business so you can stand out in the marketplace, make more money and have more impact.  

If you are finding yourself stuck or unsure of how to move forward on this work, we can work on this during one in one of my transformational leadership or growth programs. Working with me accelerates your process. Or you can try to do it on your one, but this is important work. Knowing yourself and taking the time for self-discovery is a step you cannot miss on your way to success and fulfillment.  

If you are a newer business owner, the overarching "why" behind your business or brand may not come up immediately or it may change over time, but your values (what you care about deeply, and the way you do things) will most likely remain the same. Focus more on your values and the issues you solve in your marketing and communications strategy. This approach will answer the bigger question of why your customers should care about your business and your solutions and before you know it, you'll be well on your way. 

Enjoy the discovery process! Email me about what resonated most with you.