Success Starts at Home With Feng Shui

Jess Neary is the founder of Nurture with Nature Home Designs where she helps homeowners create living spaces that are functional, supportive, and inspired by nature. Jess delivers client results by combining energy healing Feng Shui and infusing nature to help enhance their homes and lives. 

In this episode, we talk about why our homes are a direct reflection of ourselves, how our living spaces play a role in our health, wealth and fulfillment and we go deeper on some of the does and don'ts of feng shui principles to create wealth and abundance. 

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Show details:

2:50 - Jess's background and how she transitioned to entrepreneurship
7:59 - Why she believes women are able to start doing unconventional things at any point in their life journey and why it’s essential to life
10:30 - How our environment affects our mental state and how Jess started to implement her own techniques to heal herself and bring more value to her clients
14:02 - What is Feng Shui and how we can use a Bagua map to start understanding the symbolism of the spaces in our homes
18:02 - The 9 sections of our home based on the Bagua map and how becoming aware of them can help different aspects of your home and life
23:30 - Top tips on how decluttering, adding light, crystals or plants can be simple steps to enhancing your space and your wellbeing

Jess is offering the community here a free 30- 60-minute consultation on your home and how you can raise its vibration.