Identify Your Goddess Archetype

Kara Melendy is a Spiritual mentor, business coach and founder of the spiritual goddess movement where she helps entrepreneurial clients to release limiting beliefs and create the space to attract more soulful clients and generate more revenue in their businesses. In this week’s episode, we discuss

  • The Archetypes of the goddess and how you can use them to show different facets of your personality in your business 
  • How you can use emotional freedom technique (EFT) to release limiting beliefs and achieve your business and personal goals
  • Why balance and inner knowing is a key factor to success and business building

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Episode details:

2:30 - How she came to embraced spiritual approaches in her work and meld it into her business along with her talk psychologist background to create a personally aligned coaching business 

8:40 – How EFT helped Kara overcome her limiting beliefs and why being your most aligned self in business and life can help you achieve your goals faster

11:02 – The 4 core energies of the Goddess Archetypes and how connecting to aspects of each can enhance your intuition, strength, playfulness and nurturing qualities

24:20 – How to recognized your primary archetype and use all the faces of the goddess to balance your approach to work and play even if you are an ambitious and high-achieving leader (key to avoiding burnout)

27:30 -What exactly is EFT and the key benefits of tapping on your acupressure points to change your emotional and energetic vibrations and help you identify limiting feelings, worry and anxiety

31:17 –How do you know when you need to work with a coach or mentor to go deeper and unveil blind spots and explore what comes up and/or accelerate the EFT tapping process?

40:10 - The top limiting beliefs and stories that women starting out in business tell themselves about being visible and having abundance in the present moment and what to do about it

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