How to Reach and Make Millions

Katya Sarmiento is an avid gamer, traveler, and founder of Reach and Make Millions. Katya’s story starts back when she was 13 years old and diagnosed with depression.

She later realized, her depression was a result of not living her truth, purpose, and passion. She was also frustrated because she had a vision but lacked hope, motivation, and belief that it could actually happen.  All that changed when she found the online entrepreneur and coaching world. She started her business and went on to make a common mistake of getting booked out and burned out!

In this episode, Katya shares with us how she leverages modern technology to create systems that allow her to have peace of mind and more money in the bank. And it’s not what you think! We are here to share unconventional ideas after all. =)

We also discuss her process of recovery, overcoming an income plateau, being a woman in business, and how to redefine success! You can connect with Katya in these places:


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