Become a Professional Jetsetter

Kimberly Ramsawak's mission is to help adventurous professional women travel the world more, get paid for it, and have the global lifestyle they've always dreamed of, without sacrificing their financial security. She has been able to get paid to travel to 80 cities across 5 continents, doing work she loved and she is teaching others how to do the same. Kimberly’s work has been featured on Fast Company, MindBodyGreen, SUCCESS, Monster, NY Travel Fest, and others!

In this episode, we dive into Kimberly’s story of how she found this unconventional career path by following her dreams, how she got landed a high profile job in the industry with very little experience, and her advice on how to undertake a personal and business brand reinvention.

Her son also makes a special announcement at the end that Mompreneurs can appreciate. Listen in! =)

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