Leveraging Your Personal Mission for your business

Personal Mission

As a Leadership Coach one of the things that I see regularly is that my clients don't give themselves permission to desire what they really REALLY want. And if they do, they don't acknowledge the reasons why they want it.

Part of my work is helping them to get to the root of the desire and the reasons why it matters to them and their PERSONAL definition of success. This is important because knowing your WHY gives you energy to fuel your WILL and find resourcefulness to move forward.

Your business is firstly about you and the difference you want to make in the lives of your clients and how you want to do it. If you aren't focused on things you love and feel passionate about, you will not have staying power to grow and sustain your business. The truth is that the level of passion and commitment you have towards your goals affects your ultimate success and profits. 

Here are two steps you can use to identify and begin to hone in on your personal mission so you can serve more people and earn more money in your business. 

Step 1: Define your personal mission and Unique Contribution

Your mission and passion are the things you already care about and seek out in one way or another. It could be the cause you volunteer for or donate to, or it could be the conversations that fire you up on Facebook or Twitter. Whatever you passionately loath or passionately love are clues to the things you care about most and could be sign posts to where you want to be contributing in your business and life. 

Get a journal and respond thoughtfully to these questions to get CLEARER on your personal mission. 

  • What are the two causes that you care the most about? 
  • What value do these causes contribute to the world?
  • Why are they important to you? What wrong are they trying to correct? 
  • What are two status quo ways of thinking or behaving that you and this cause want to help reframe for others? 
  • How might this relate to your business? 

Takeaway Action: 
List 3 ways that you can give voice to and amplify this cause in your own way? Identify how it can apply to your business or work? 

Step 2 - Create a visual representation of your personal mission

When you are having a challenging day or moments where you feel stuck or unsure of your next steps, or even when you might feel like throwing in the towel, reconnecting to your bigger vision and purpose can be just what you need. 

When you have a visual or sensual representation of your vision or mission behind your work, it can serve as a reminder and inspiration for you to keep going when you need it most. 

This is a deceptively simple exercise, maybe you thought of doing it before, but until you actually do this, you will not know its power.  Completing this exercise will help you get super clear and more connected to your purpose and mission for your work. 

Takeaway Action: Reserve 20 – 30 minutes of your time today and create something that you can use to remind yourself of what you want and why you want it. The feeling that it evokes is a key to making and keeping a connection that inspires you to keep moving forward. 

 Here are some ideas!

  • Create a timeline vision board
  • Draw an image on paper or find a magazine picture that depicts the emotion you will feel when you achieve your goal 
  • Create a Pinterest board that resonates with the things and feelings you want most
  • Write a one page letter to your future self (3 - 6 months from today) about your results and how they feel 
  • If you are really strap for time- create a voice memo to yourself responding to the questions above and come back to the visual activity later this week. 

Be sure to refer to these visuals frequently.