Moving from Trauma to Triumph

Marian Bacol-Uba is an Asian-American social entrepreneur, speaker, and author on a mission to inspire minority women to build a life of their own design. Marian uses her experience and triumphs over abuse, drugs, and debt to share a unique perspective that motivates others to transform their past trauma into triumphs.

Marian is a former Chapter President of Project by Project/Plate by Plate Los Angeles and has contributed to Channel LA-18, CBS Los Angeles. She has also been featured in Miami Under 40 and on various podcasts.

In today’s episode, we talk about her background and transition from corporate work to a business that fulfills her passions and uses her expertise, how she triumphed over her past trauma and now sees it as a fuel for her work and how to make an impact by using your difference as an advantage.

It’s an inspiring story and we both share stories about some of the myths, stereotypes, and methods for how minority women can start to see things differently to make a significant change in how we are represented and how we contribute in the modern marketplace. Tune in.

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Episode details:  

2:30 - Marian’s corporate background in marketing and how she came to quit everything and start a new path against the disapproval of others

3:58 – What is Fire fuel and how you can use it to empower your purpose and process beyond surviving to thriving

6:50 – How she found the courage to break through the status quo by using her childhood trauma as Fire fuel and reject the idea of failure

12:13 – How yoga helped her to recognize that looking at herself in debt and abusing drugs to peel back the layers and become a voice for others was a driver for her blog and vlog

15:50 - Why the message of being a modern mogul is so aligned with Marian’s mission around bring cultural awareness and a viewpoint to the public. We need more women like Marian to setup. A rising tied rise all boats.

18:50 – The steps that Marian took to go through from Trauma to Triumph starting with mindset, inner strength and being present

22:15 - How women and minorities can use their differences as an advantage or opportunity to make a standout and make a difference

25:30 – The stereotype of minorities and women that we need to be aware of and overcome by changing our mindset and approach

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