The Modern Mogul Podcast Has Launched!
Modern Mogul Podcast

The first season of the Modern Mogul Podcast Series has launched.

I am super excited about the women who are featured in this series. We discussed taking unconventional careers paths in tech and modern strategies for leadership.

It is a free download on iTunes (iPhone) and Stitcher (Android) podcast store. You can access it here. Or search the app for "Modern Mogul Podcast". 
These episodes are live and can be accessed now. Be sure to subscribe and leave a positive review to qualify for a free strategy session with me. The video versions of these podcasts will be released on the blog over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

Here is the list of powerful women who stopped in to share their stories and some gems with us!

1.     Jaimie Crooks, London - Founder and Expert Coach, Jaimie encourages us to live a life that is a definite YES! A native Londoner, she came to NY to work at a corporate giant as a Marketing Executive. Two years later, she decided it was time for her to follow a calling dearer to her heart. Back in her London flat, she tells us the difference between New York and London and how she is living and spreading her message of a Definitely Definitely life to all who desire to have more joy and fulfillment!
Show Title: The Definitely Definitely Life
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2.     Grace Hong, Los Angeles - Consulting Entrepreneur and traveling nomad (at the time of this recording), Grace tells us about how she left her job as the GM/VP of a Software Company in NY, to follow a new path. She shares how her perspective shifted to allow her to start consulting and then traveling around the world while working. She also talks about her time in Thailand with Hackers Paradise and how she was able to secure clients to launch the next chapter of her career. 
Show title: Reinvention Through Nomading
Grace’s website: 
Personal blog:

3.     Katya Sarmiento, Atlanta - Empowers entrepreneurs to use tech more thoughtfully to run and scale their businesses. She is an all-around Tech enthusiast that left the conventional path, by never really being on it. Katya operates at the Chief Technology Officer for your businesses through her Tech Agency. We talk about leadership and taking a conscious path to personal change. Her work and knowledge have been widely featured. 
Show title: Reach and Make Millions
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4.     Louise Campbell, London - A UX Consultant in the eCommerce space and UX Career Mentor for individuals transitioning from graphic design and related careers. Louise helps you figure out how to make the switch to a tech career and get paid for your expertise. Originally from London, Louise balances her time between various countries in the UK.  We riff on female leadership, owning the value of your work through pricing, and more about how to break into a lucrative UX career. Her ideas have been featured in InVision, Huffington Post, and UXMastery. 
Show Title: Lead with UX Design
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5.     Eyenie Schultz, France - A Technicolor Priestess and Quantum leaping diva. She is teaching us how to use our style as a tool to quantum leap into the next level of your business, life and leadership. Not only is Eyenie’s journey from Denver Colorado to Albi, France an interesting one, she and I could not stop laughing and dorking out on all thing metaphysical, how to recognize when you are not living from a place of power and what to do about it every day to become more of who you were meant to be.
Show title: Quantum Leap with Style
Eyenie’s website: Website:
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6.     Johana Reyes, New Orleans - Johana is teaching us all about how to get out of our own way and embrace our individual and authentic value in all things sales, goal-setting, and following through to reach our peak potential. Johanna drops some serious gems in this quick interview about emotional leverage and why high-achievers tend to struggle with achieving more of the things that bring them true fulfillment.  
Show Title: Keys to Peak Performance
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7.    Kimberly Ramsawak, Pennsylvania - Do you want to become a Professional Jetsetter and get paid to travel the world while engaging in a career that leverages your expertise and delivers more JOY and fulfillment? Yes! Of course, you do. 
So I had a chat with Kimberly about her journey through undergrad and grad school to become an expert in this space. We also talked about to leverage your experience to transition to a new career, and the process of reinvention while launching a new chapter of your life or business. We also get a special treat from the momtrepreneur life at the end of this recording. Tune in! 
Show Title: Become a Professional Jetsetter
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8.   Dr. Perpetua Neo, London - Physiologist and Coach to high-achieving women who have panic attacks, anxiety, and trauma from abuse. Perpetua shares with listeners her story of being a spy, coaching at 19, and then becoming a psychologist. Perpetua also defines what a panic attack feels like and gives her best tips on how high-achieving women can deal with anxiety that comes up in modern life. I fangirl over her mystical Instagram profile a little in the beginning, but we do get to some good stuff. =) Tune in!  
Show title: Tame Your Jungle of Eden
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9.   Simone Craig, New Jersey - In this episode, we discussed how to Find Abundance with Ease with Mindset and Money Management expert Simone Craig. Simone has over 20 years in Financial Services,15 years studying law of attraction and has a true heroine’s journey from public accounting auditor to singer-actor and then leveraging her tools to build a 6 figure business. She now teaches LOA and mindset as a speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor for women entrepreneurs who want to create big abundance breakthroughs in a short amount of time. Show Title: Abundance with Ease
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10.  Marlyne Pierce, New York City - Your host, Founder of Modern Mogul HQ, and creator of the Unstoppable Startup System. In this episode, I share the top 4 reasons most startups fail and what to do about it so you can beat the 90% failure rate. Then I cover the 5 steps necessary to build an unstoppable business that you love! These key areas are covered in actionable details in the 7-Day Immersion training. Tune in! 
Show Title: Unstoppable Startup Success
Gateway drug: