Building Made to Fit Hugs with Bra Theory

Mona is an English major turned Software Engineer turned Entrepreneur. She is now the founder of Bra Theory, a made-to-measure bra company that will solve your problems with bras. When she's not working on Bra Theory, Mona is either working relentlessly on self-introspection and self-growth... or skiing, dancing, singing, and being holistically human. In this episode, we are discussing:

1. How Mona came to find the problem with bras and decided to do something about solving it
2. How she views customer development and the impact it has had on her market positioning, pricing and MVP decisions so far
3. You'll also hear about her daily success ritual and leadership mantra and her perspective on imposter syndrome and talk to male VCs about her work


Show notes: 

1:30 - How Mona started her career as a Software Engineer and then decided to start her business
5:40 - How the idea for Bra Theory came to Mona and how her brand and marketing approach was influenced by deep research
11:50 - How Mona developed her market pricing and positioning to ensure she is building a sustainable business model
24:22 - Imposter syndrome and talking with VCs to ensure they understand the problem she is working to solve  
32:24 - how Mona made a tough leadership decision in the prototyping process so it would work for her long-term business model
50:21 - One thing Mona wants us all to know and remember for our journey as holistic humans

Tools and mentions:
Paul Graham 
Steve Blank - Customer Development

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