Building a Software Empire as Chief Nerd and Serial Entrepreneur

We are excited to have Monica Snyder on the Modern Mogul Podcast this week. She is a businesswoman, Chief Nerd, and Co-founder at Fearless Social. Monica is on a mission to make a difference while living her best life. As a serial entrepreneur and the engineer behind several Saas companies, Monica's software has helped over 12,000 entrepreneurs scale their business using software and systems.

Before starting her own companies, Monica accumulated over a million air miles consulting and building software for several Fortune 500 companies. Not many of those air miles were for vacation which is why she left to create life on her own terms.  Monica lived the "laptop lifestyle" for several years, launching a software in the morning from a hostel in Queenstown, New Zealand and going bungee jumped that afternoon.   

She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, nerding out with her data geek husband over Zelda while chasing her energetic toddler around in circles. 

She is nothing short of strategic, smart and driven. In this interview, she is sharing from her experience:

  • How to stay motivated in the face of setbacks [10:15]
  • How she came to be building bootstrapped Software companies that leverage her strengths [13:20]
  • How to think about hiring and effectively leading a high-performance team [30:05]
  • What to consider when choosing and working with a Co-founder [34:10]
  • Monica's lessons on leadership, success rituals and growing her business without VC funding [40:00]

You don't want to miss this straight-shooting conversation about learning from setbacks, keeping the end in mind and being in relentless pursuit of your biggest visions.   

Tune in:

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