Money Basics for your Vision Board Dreams

Nechelle Bartley is a seasoned Financial Strategist and Project Manager with 19+ years experience in her niche. She is the founder of Money Basics where she empowers female entrepreneurs to become true CEO's of their money. Through her compassionate mentorship approach, she guides women to get in touch with their money story so they can create and implement money goals that create consistent cash flow and enable them to more than afford their vision board dreams. Nechelle is also a fitness enthusiast and cake connoisseur. 

In this episode, we talk about common pitfalls for women and entrepreneurs and money and how to start overcoming them. Nechelle's experience on being a woman in business and her bigger mission. We also get an inside look at her thoughts on leadership and lessons learned that she wanted to share. Tune in! 

Show notes:

2:30 - Jumping in her background and how she came to be doing this work
5:30 - Our money programming and how we can get out of normal programming to disrupt and unleash our true money dreams
7:20 - Why our money and time management freedom goals cannot be separate
10:05 - How to go from the self discovery about money to having more in your bank account
18:05- leadership mantra : never be afraid to ask questions
21:01 - A personal experience and pivotal moment - the back story
29:03 - Why you need to limit your focus and scope to make bigger impacts as well as Nechelle's success rituals and what she recommends for us around money
39:30 Find out an interesting trend I spotted while talking to Nechelle in how businesses are helping us to define ourselves and our values


Marlyne Pierce