Shala VIP Intensive
Finally, design it all to create more money and meaning 

Step away from the hustle and bustle of being the busy bee to unleash the true brilliance you've been hiding. These sessions will give you crystal clarity on how to accomplish your deeper goals with clearer vision and high-octane strategy.

In this 90 minute VIP intensive we will get laser-focused on the priorities in your business so you can create a master plan with strategy, systems and structures that will save you time, help you make more money and take the appropriate steps for more profit and momentum towards your goals. 

When I’ve done these sessions in the past every single one of my clients have had a notable breakthrough that led to changes in their lives and businesses.

Each one was able to uncover what they needed to implement to reach their next level, release struggle and get on track to greater business momentum.

These sessions are curated to help you connect with your own inner guidance system and provide you with results-driven business coaching so you can take the next steps to up-level your business more quickly than you could on  your own. 

Business is changing (and so are YOU) - you feel it to the core. This is your invitation to schedule your own 90 minute Business Shala VIP session. This is specifically designed for high-achievers who want to step into leadership of their greater purpose and develop a solid vision and roadmap to get there faster than figuring it out on their own.

During your Shala Session with me as your Rapid Results Coach, via phone or Zoom, we'll work together to:

  • Get Crystal Clear about what true wealth and well-being looks and feels like for YOU in 2018 and beyond
  • Uncover the hidden challenges and blind spots that hold you back from feeling empowered and at peace with your business and its current iteration (they might not be what you think)
  • Create a Next Step Action Plan to ensure you get the mindset ans strategic breakthroughs you want to achieve

Here's how the session will work:

  1. You’ll introduce me to you and what you do in your business by completing an intake form before hand 
  2. You'll be asked what challenges and struggles you’d like to focus on for the session then we get to work! 
  3. We will get into the transformational coaching process to uncover what it will take for you to accelerate your results
  4. I’ll ask you certain questions and provide you with personalized rapid results coaching process to foster a breakthrough on the call
  5. You will walk away with the exact next steps you need to take the second you hang up!  
  6. You'll know what gaps you have to fill, what areas you need to work on to attract your ideal customer and serve at your highest level, so you can make more money and have a greater impact. 

You get to choose the game you play and you get to choose how to win! What are you STILL waiting for? 

What other clients are saying: 


Ashely Rose: 

"Marlyne is the perfect person to go to for your business needs. 

She knows how to help you to really understand your ideal client and use modern strategies in your marketing to get you the best results possible. I would highly recommend her to mission-driven businesses looking to grow and develop their brands through strategic clarity and partnerships. 
She is the complete package with a touch from her soul."

 Founder Yoga Movement and Influence Marketer.

April Richelle

“Our coaching sessions were incredible. 

Each coaching session I was able to discover something new about myself and the kind of business and life I truly wanted.  This self- discovery changed my perspective entirely. She showed me how to find my passion and be true to myself and my vision. Highly Recommend!!" 

Partner Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate

Eyenie Schultz

"Working with Marlyne was a total game changer for my business.

This helped me to not only see my business in a totally new way, but also helped me get great clarity on where I want to take it. Priceless for a sometimes "swirly" creative Aquarian like me! Marlyne is truly brilliant at what she does. Since working with her, I have been able to better direct my team, avoid overwhelm by knowing exactly what to focus on and finally feel like the CEO/Modern Mogul of Technicolor Priestess instead of a confused worker bee!"

Founder Technicolor Priestess and movement leader


Take a break from the hustle and business bustle. Let's get you focused, sorted and setup for more success. Spots fill up fast.