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It's time for you to grow, scale and sustain your business growth in this new fast pace modern era. It now requires proven frameworks and innovative strategies, the guru strategies of 10+ years ago no longer work. If you look closely, they are not even using them anymore. 

Together we will build a profitable business, create a rockstar team and help you design a life of impact that leaves a legacy. 

These Consulting Engagements are designed to help you scale and sustain the growth of customer-focused businesses. Whether you are a tech startup looking for new ways to increase adoption, a coach looking for innovative business models and how to standout, or a creative entrepreneur seeking new ways to scale. Modern Mogul HQ was created to take you to the next level. 
Let's accelerate your success. 


Private Consulting Programs 

Launch Your Legacy: Bring Your Business to Market 

Customized program to help you launch a profitable business. In this program we primarily work with you to: 

Refine your Kindred Clients and ideal buyers
Curate a profitable product portfolio for your tribe
Design your unique marketing and sales processes
Establish your Umbrella Brand Matrix for growth
Create a proven marketing and promotional strategy to to build your solid foundation and build momentum  

You Are Qualified If You

  • Already have a validated business idea or concept 
  • Are ready to own your vision and receive more income 
  • Are ready to become strategic and leave tactical hell
  • Are committed to stretching out of your comfort zone 
  • Are ready to embrace living your Mogul Edge (TM) 

Scale Your Greatness: Automate Systems For Success

A customizable program to optimize and accelerate your growth. Typical topics include: 

Establish The Big Picture Strategy for your business
Design a scalable business model and revenue streams
Refine your product/market fit so you become profitable
Improve customer engagement and experience
Focus on your numbers to accelerate revenue growth Leverage CRM, Analytics, Loyalty, Mobile App strategies for scale 

You are Qualified if you are:

  • A business owner for 2+ years more 
  • Ready to create and monetized new revenue streams
  • You have a vision to scale beyond 6 figures

Singularity Strategy: Design Your Accelerator Plans 

When things are going kinda ok, but you want to boost your results and optimize your ROI.  In this offering, you'll get an infusion of new approaches to leap frog your results and innovate for greater success. 

This is a laser focused engagement that is pointed and results-oriented. Best for the business that is clear on their audience and offers, but need to optimize or rethink their growth strategy. 

Depending on your needs, deliverables include:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Pitch Decks 
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Growth Hacking Analytics
  • Product Roadmap to Commercialization - Mobile Apps, CRM, AI, Sensors + Robotics

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