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Build a legacy you're proud to put your name on! - Marlyne


Stephanie T.,

"Marlyne is talented and insightful. She is the consultant who "sees around the corner". She digs deep in her sessions and she has an uncanny way of uncovering one's limiting beliefs and the blind spots that can prevent entrepreneurs from realizing their full potential. 

Marlyne kept me accountable... after working with her I felt lighter and had a renewed sense of direction in my business. I highly recommend her as a coach and strategist for anyone who needs not just clarity but a strategy for success!" 

Consultant - Digital Copy Strategist 

Shauna G.,

"The result of our consultation was amazing.
Marlyne helped me clarify my goals and identify how to align my business vision with my desired lifestyle. 

Together we create a 12-month roadmap to simplify and grow my business. I realized that my vision was more achievable than I thought and within two weeks I was able to identify and bring on a business partner to help with my expansion. " 

Founder -  Digital Agency, The Alfam

Kimberly R.,

"When I met Marlyne, I already had a premium offer that I loved and that I knew worked, but I was challenged with taking potential clients through enrollment conversations to purchase.  I was feeling frustrated. 

She gave me key suggestions for showing up as a leader on the calls and walking clients through an immersive experience versus just a sales conversation. As a result of our work together, I was able to very quickly secure a new client and get new referrals! I can now put this process on repeat.."

Founder - Professional JetSetter

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