Success is in your DNA. Are you ready to lead? 

I build up businesses and leaders to change the future and beat the 90% failure rate due to bad business and personal life management skills. 

Because, it just doesn't have to be this way.

The Mission

When you work with me I partner to help you craft a business and life you don't need to escape. We get you clear on your priorities, so you can pivot to more profits and 10x growth acceleration while building a team and community to support your vision and mission. 

Why listen to me?

I went from Immigrant to Ivy League Educated Business Woman
Led as a high-end Corporate Strategist, Executive, and Consultant for 10+ years  
Won awards from The American Marketing Association for Leadership and Service
Recognized as Top Performer in Business Strategy and Architecture by Accenture
Became a community leader for Girls, Yogis and Daring explorers
I am a Tech Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor
Yoga Practitioner. Wine Lover. I only do work I care about.
I surmount the odds and I help others do the same

I promote a collaborative approach and when you succeed, we succeed. Let's get started! 


So... for visionary moguls and disruptive leaders, like you, following cookie-cutter strategies to solve transformational problems and sell innovative products, is not an option. That's why you feel frustrated, confused and disillusioned by what most gurus are teaching.

Furthermore, they are not telling you the whole truth and you can sense it. 

To build a business that matters and makes a difference, you need first to connect deeply with yourself, understand the underlying needs and wants of your customers, and figure out how to bring your authentic value to a community. This is the vision and strategy of the Modern Mogul. There is no other way to build, scale and sustain a global brand from scratch.

If you are ready to enter the new paradigm and shift to what works in the modern marketplace, keep reading.

The Modern Mogul Methodology is designed to help you refine and ground your vision, design a business model, and implement a repeatable revenue systems that you can scale.  There are three primary phases: 

Phase 1)  Identify your early adopters and develop transformative products

Phase 2) Build an innovative business model and deliver experiences that accelerate growth

Phase 3)  Lead your rockstar team and leverage technology to scale globally

            Private Accountability Intensive

            Private Accountability Intensive

          Private 1:1 Consulting & Coaching

          Private 1:1 Consulting & Coaching

              Group Coaching + Support

              Group Coaching + Support