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Why Modern Mogul

Modern Mogul brings a fresh perspective to delivering high-performance growth and double-digit profits through stellar customer experience development and re-imagined business models. 

If you are ready to skip the trenches of slow growth and leverage your unique brand to propel your cash flow and customer lifetime value (CLTV) while decreasing costs - we should talk. The Modern Mogul approach is based on over a decade of working with top-tier global businesses, as well as high potential startups who want to gain traction and build sustainable momentum and scale.



If you desire a day of strategic planning and or in-person strategy session to map out your next level - VIP Strategy Workshops are available for qualified applicants. Startups are welcome, provided you have a proven platform and demonstrated strong growth potential.

Clients from all over the world have booked these days to map out how to best pivot their business model, scale profitable revenue and  position themselves for accelerated growth and stability in scaling to serve millions. The day’s agenda will be set based on your needs.

Complete the brief form and we will be in touch to see if a high-level VIP Strategy Day or Workshop is a good fit for you and your team. This is offered virtually or in person. 


The Modern Mogul Mastermind

The MMM is the most powerful mastermind of women and diverse leaders in technology. Three times a year, some of the most successful tech leaders in their categories globally fly in to be a part of this distinct gathering of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Mastermind members may also receive ongoing individual advisory both in person and via phone/Zoom.

If you’re making or on track for revenues between 7 and 8 figures, and you are interested in working with us ongoing—individually or as part of this elite group— complete the brief form and we will be in touch to see if the Modern Mogul Mastermind is a good fit for you.


Scale to Serve Millions

A Network, App and CEO dashboard that provides at a glance scorecard of your important metrics and insights to drive decisions and highlight blindspots to profitable growth and scale.  Join the newsletter to get first notice of when this experience will be open.