Access Optimal Flow for Scaling Your Business & Leadership

Are you ready to transform from frazzled and overwhelmed to focused and in flow in how your lead and scale your business?

Scalable business success is not only about process flows, KPIs, launch sequences or hiring and managing contractors and staff.

It is also about being the leader and creating a culture of leadership within your teams.

You set the tone and level the expectations. Any wobbles in that will reflect in your business and cause a level of disarray and frustration. The cure is not simple, but it is systematic.

It involves identifying your priority goals and re-evaluating how you’ve been trying to accomplish them, then cultivating an awareness around your natural leadership style and the behavioral patterns that might be holding you in a negative cycling of events and experiences. Finally, set about prioritizing and addressing the most critical aspects within a taliored business model designed to scale (and be sellable).

The missing link I’ve seen for entrepreneurs and executive leaders who are creative, visionary, talented and trailblazing is not the awareness of where they are lacking. But the appetite to invest the time and energy when there is so many other important things to do and issues to resolve.

These trailblazers also tend to discount the impact of collective messages we all swim in. They don’t fully appreciate the toll of vieling and tone policing their purest expression. This unfortunately has been a pre-requsit to attaining a level of success in traditional business and relational systems. It is time for change. I help clients measure and close the unseen gap between who they are being and how they want to fully operate the Power Factor.

This is a term I borrowed from electrical engineering. In electrical engineering the power factor of a AC power system is defined as the ratio of the real power absorbed by the load to the apparent power flowing in the circuit. In other words, the real power available to you as a leader versus the results that are being delivered.

The Power Factor Assessment is a tool I created to measure the levers you can pull to remove the obstacles holding you back from achieving the maximum throughput from the time, energy, attention and money you are expending rather that investing for an ROI as a business leader.

Take the assessment and get the results in a downloadable guide today. Available at



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