Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — As Steve Jobs

Here are 4 keys to remember when building B2B software with design features that users LOVE.

1. Elegantly solve customer needs beyond bare functionality. Ensure you are solving for the base needs of the customer. “Get the basics right” is often a mantra in product development meetings, now how do we go beyond that to delight? Badly designed software features and functionalities aren’t just time-wasting; they are frustrating and will make users angry. We always want happy and productive users.

2. Artfully balance simple UI/UX with powerful functionality for the needs of users. Your MVP will need to be minimal, yet viable and moving towards giving customers more of what they want with simple and intuitive design.

3. Attune to user preference and incorporate emotion (dopamine triggers) and beauty (visual appeal) while being efficient. Humans love beauty and style and our tech needs to appeal to these sensibilities for us to engage. Particularly in a business setting where customers have increasingly more choices. Your users are never “captive”.

4. Considers the needs of power users actively using the software daily or multiple times per day with preferences of casual users who want to get in and out of your product experience with ease. Knowing your power user here is extremely important and as you grow, keeping up with customer segment needs and priorities will become increasingly important.

This Fast Company article from one of Asana’s Co-Founders is a great case study for how they approached these challenges. You’ll see that designing for emotion and appealing to human sensibilities was so important to Asana (and possibly their success, it’s listed twice in 4 bullets.).

Can you spot it? Read it here.

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