Four Factors To Consider When Hiring Your Dream Team

When business owners are ready to expand and grow their business, they often get excited, then emotional, and ultimately they may start to feel frustrated.

Many confess to me that they are concerned about trusting someone else to do essential tasks in their business, or about wasting money and not getting the value they expect. Today, I am sharing some essential factors to consider so you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes when hiring or securing help for your business.

Be realistic — Be realistic in what one person can accomplish with their skill set, knowledge, and expertise. If you want someone to help you with your graphic designs, don’t also expect them to help you do your prospecting, your project management, and creating your strategic plan for the next year. Also be prepared to pay more for high quality candidates. If you can’t pay top dollar for the best talent today, consider unique ways to make your business appealing to these individuals, what kind of value can you exchange that would demonstrate equity and appreciation? Get creative and resourceful, you’re a modern mogul in the making. I know you can do it.

Set clear objectives — Know the goals that the person in this role will help you accomplish. Is it more time to invest in your business planning or sales? Is it to support you with your launch strategy or product development cycle? How will they support you and what will the outcome of this hire be? The answers to these questions will help you determine the skill set and temperament you’ll need, and the terms of the contract you want to have with them.

Value deep expertise — Do you need an expert or do you want someone who is teachable? Consider the skills you are willing to teach and what areas demand expertise? If you hire cheaply, or don’t do your due diligence, you may have someone who is essentially learning on your dime. Totally not recommended if you are not running a charity. Even interns should have some clear tasks that they can accomplish without supervision. If you decide to train your new hire and they decide not to stick around, this could cost you more in the long run. Decide wisely.

Know your terms of engagement — Are you hiring for a specific project and time frame or do you need someone on an ongoing full-time or part-time basis? Consider how that role could grow in your company? Anticipate if you need to hire one type of skill set and outsource the rest. For example, you would hire a customer service or project manager for your team on a part-time or full-time basis, but you may only want a contractor for a product launch, new marketing funnel, website redesign, or to run a proof of concept. There are many ways that you can structure your hiring to ensure you don’t over invest and you can have the help and support you need when you need it.

Are you seeking to hire a team, but not quite sure what you need? Start with my free guide to discover the essential steps to hiring and developing your dream team. Send me a DM on Instagram *dream team* and I will send you the link to get it!

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