Interview: How to Bootstrap a B2B Tech Company without Being a Techie

How to Bootstrap a B2B Tech Company without Being a Techie with Olga Yurovski



In this episode, we are talking to Olga Yurovski about how she uncovered some insights from her corporate experience and leveraged it to create her B2B SaaS company, Shopperations. Specifically how she got the idea, validated the market, found her ideal tech team, and secured top clients like General Mills, ConAgra, and Mars Wrigley. 

Topics and key takeaways from this episode:

  • What she did to clarify the market problem for her software and move her ideas forward

  • How she hired a dedicated offshore tech team and maintains a relationship of open communication, trust, and results

  • Her insights on VC funding and why investors tend to not want to deal with NDA’s 

  • Beyond the metrics and milestones, what it really means to be an entrepreneur

  • The secret to her resilience and overcoming obstacles and setbacks in the process

More about our guest
In 2014 Olga Yurovski invented Shopperations, a collaborative marketing planning software that makes marketers’ jobs more efficient and data-driven by standardizing and automating planning processes and enabling robust post-promotional analytics. She leveraged the insights she gained from her 15 years of experience in the CPG and consumer electronics industries working in Brand Management, Product Development, Category Management, Consumer Promotions, and Shopper Marketing roles.

Olga helps her clients recover productivity and bring transparency and accountability to their marketing teams. That’s why Shopperations’ clients like General Mills, Conagra, Mars Wrigley, and Riviana spend less time on back-office administrative tasks and have more time to focus on strategic and execution, and analytical aspects of their jobs.

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