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There is a lot of talk online about mindset and mindset mastery these days. This “Mindset work” seems particularly targeted towards women.

Why is this such an issue for women in business? That’s the question of the age and won’t be solved in this post.

However, one of the things I want to do in this post is empower you with adopting a mogul mindset. A Mogul Mindset is essentially the opposite of a poor or limiting mindset.

Your mindset is how you think about things, your perspective about life and the beliefs you work from internally. To know your mindset, do some self-discovery work. Ask yourself, do you expect success and abundance or mostly scarcity and failure? Some of your limiting beliefs or thoughts will be immediately cleared once you recognize them and can make the change. Others will require more inner work. The fact is your thinking affects your priorities and your results. So it is pretty important stuff.

How do you know if you have a mindset issue?

It can show up in many ways. Here are some common ones:

  • Not taking consistent actions towards the goals you say you have for your business
  • Waiting for perfection before you explore your options, ship your work, or share your ideas
  • Holding on to procrastination and overwhelm or the need to avoid as crutches
  • Having a pattern of negative thoughts that keep you stuck and feeling like a victim of the “system” or the “man”
  • Hyper awareness of what is wrong with the world and why you can’t have what you need or want

For sure there are things wrong with the world, there are also unfair things that happen and can leave us feeling less than energized. But if you wallow, if you are stuck in the same place for weeks, months or even years. You need some inner work.

One way to address this is to find some affirmations that speak directly to the areas that you know are holding you back. It could be a mindset or way of thinking that makes you addicted to validation from others, or always needing to KNOW before you take action (perfectionism), or not investing in yourself in meaningful ways.

Whatever it is, having a few personal mantras to help you confront those thought patterns can be a step in the direction of releasing and unlocking more of your greatness. Here are a few of my favorites that address some common areas that I see in clients:

Takeaway Action:
Select affirmations from list below. Find the ones that really resonate with you, then write them out in a journal, say them out loud and start to believe and live them on a daily basis.

I use my intuition to dictate, create, and live a life that supports me
I unsubscribe from the mindset of others who are not truly alive
I am unapologetic in going after dreams that support my spirit
I am willing to let go of the status quo programming that doesn’t serve me
I am committed to living an uncommon life
I embrace wonder at the potential for miracles in every moment
I am unique — I reject everything that asks me to be average or mediocre
I fully embrace the things that make me “weird” or “nerdy” as they fact hint at my superpowers
I take responsibility for my future and my finances
I will not value the opinion of others over my own intuition and inner knowing
I do what it takes to get the work done, add massive value, and make a lasting difference
I am here to create a legacy of impact by fully being my highest self
I play to my strengths and work to achieve my life’s mission
I make time for fun and the people and relationships that matter in my life
I am dedicated to creating impact and lasting change
I give back of my time, money, love, and privilege to others in support of a larger mission
I have decided to do what it takes to MASTER my destiny and unleash my brilliance
I know I am not for everybody and that is ok, the people who I am here to serve with gravitate towards me
I am divinely directed and supported
I am more than enough and all is well

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