Prevalent uncertainty and the role of new paradigm leadership


Uncertainty is rampant in the air, from inflation and recession to war, gas prices and election primaries. The uncertainty of what will happen in the stock market and what will happen economically is prominent for top business leaders.

However, uncertainty is not new. We’ve been living with uncertainty for many years now and as an entrepreneurial leader uncertainty is the essence of what drives you. It’s what makes things exciting. The complex, the challenges, the chaos of growth and change are driving forces of true leadership, innovation and creativity. This is the time when leaders are most needed and when perseverance and resilience are called to the forefront.

As a leader in technology, whether you’re running a SaaS company or a membership community, you are concerned about whether people are going to stay with the membership or keep making recurring payments for your software product. Will they churn? Will they cancel, will they continue to see the value of your product? This is a valid question and one that should be addressed. However, I want to invite you to address it from a different approach. A new way that you might not have considered before.

Let’s first agree on this — The best outcomes in life are rarely linear. When you’re in business long enough you realize that A is not always followed by B — there are always unknowns — an X factor that can cause a deviation to either more negative or more positive that imagined.

What I have seen as an important factor in leaders that are able to manage and excel during uncertainty versus those that stagnate and decline is the ability to plan ahead not just for a variety of scenarios, but planning ahead with an eye towards deeply held and shared values.

Values are an X factor that can easily get overlooked. They are a central organizing force that keeps your business afloat and that can drive all decisions across you business — consider marketing, product and people — almost every decision in your business should come from the central command center the central organizing force that helps you to know what to optimize for and when and how to make necessary trade-offs. Regardless of context, emotions, environment and authority a commitment to your values can be a solid guidance system.

This realization is what has me extremely excited about the new paradigm of business and the new paradigm of leadership because it’s not for leaders looking for cookie-cutter, crystal ball like step-by-step directions to every foreseeable scenario. it’s for leaders who can truly navigate. It is for leaders who have a GPS and compass that is not only externally looking at economic markets and customer expectations and variety of changes that will arise, but for the leaders who have a connection to and trusts their internal navigation. It’s for leaders who use it — knowingly or unknowingly — to influence and direct not just next week, six months from now or the three year plan, but beyond that to everyone and everything they interact with. Because they operate in alignment with their values - it dulls uncertainty and enhances power which is a very powerful experience.

Additionally, as I have spoken about before - companies that have clearly delineated and clearly articulated value system, are more highly valued by customers and by the market. That’s because people buy for emotional and logical reasons BUT nothing feels more right than a brand that you feel KNOWS you by the way it meets and exceeds your expectations and validates your VALUES.

This is similar to if you were starting a new business and seeking investor funding. Investors are not only investing in your idea and it’s potential in the marketplace they’re investing in you because they likely trust what you have to say they believe in your vision, they resonate with the truth and the purity that you’re bringing or the approach that you are articulating and they want to buy-in to that opportunity.

Similarly customers, employees and vendors who engage with your business are all looking for undeniable leadership — that is meaningful, that can stand in the storm centered and erect in knowing what it stands for and what it’s meant to create through its mission. Whether it’s through a business venture, an inflationary market, a bear market or a great resignation, true leaders will always stand. And that’s why I’m passionate for leaders to become more conscious of the value system that they live by. It’s the code or credence that is distinctly them and that allows them to stand up and stand apart when necessary. This is leadership expressed in full integrity and congruency to inspire certainty and drives results and loyalty from customers, employees and business partners alike.

This is the kind of leadership that you already have and can activate on demand. But you’re likely only conscious of it sometimes or you don’t really trust it all the time. If you are one of the leaders in tech and digital spaces that are craving this to be prominent in yourself and to develop it in those around you, then I want to invite you to into a conversation about this topic.

It’s a creative space for new paradigm leaders who not only look externally at the market and changing customer expectations, but those who also have a great calling — who know that their work is about — the great work. The ones who are not only looking for investors and start-up money to get to the next stage and sell to make a profit, but who recognizes that their work has a through-line that drives legacy and longevity and who want that to translate into economic power that serves the human collective.

We are being called to unite in power to drive and sustain the change that we want to see. It's a new paradigm of leadership that is taking root in all of us. I’d love for you to join me and other leaders, established founders, digital and tech creators and makers who want to elevate results in the area of customer, product sustainability and profits using this and other insights.

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