Do you want to generate more revenue and improve your business results? Are you ready to engage your current clients in a more genuine way? It starts with love.

Wait, what does love have to do with it? Keep reading…

In today’s modern marketplace in order to connect with customers, you have to love what you do as a solo entrepreneur, small business owner or startup founder. Customers are drawn to brands that communicate to them clearly and that have a bigger purpose beyond the service or product they produce.

If you don’t love what you do or have a clear purpose and mission behind it, you won’t have the obsession and deep desire required to keep going when things get challenging. You also won’t be able to generate new ideas and harness the innovative thinking and creative problem-solving needed to keep up with your market and changing customer needs.

You can see that successful brands that customers rave about all have a clear set of values and desire for a broader mission that is baked into the DNA of the brand. These values then come to the forefront in all they do. For example, Zappos is well-known for its customer service because one of its core brand pillars is “Deliver Wow”. If you think of other brands like Starbucks, Apple, Google they all have a mission that can be experienced across their various channels, from marketing communications and design to the purchase process and servicing after purchase. They wrap you in a brand experience that strives to be consistent.

This 360-degree brand experience impacts your overall impression and feelings towards the brand. And these brands stand out because they elicit positive emotions when you engage with their products and services across the various touchpoints. This is how they generate brand affinity and eventually love, which translates into engagement, loyalty, positive feeling and lots of repeat sales and profitability. This is how they get to stand out!

So how do you use this concept in your business? How do you generate this love?

It starts with your desire. In this instance, I am using desire as an alignment between your vision, values, and purpose. The combination of these aspects are leading you to want to create something that is meaningful and that can make a difference. Your desire to serve and explore in key areas of your business is a clear path to your zone of genius.

In order to tap into this for yourself ask yourself these questions:
What is my clear vision for success in my business?
Why does that matter to me?
Why will it be meaningful to my customers and others who get to be apart of it?
What will the overall impact be?

The answers to these questions will lead to the “why” behind the reason you are in business and the clue to its bigger purpose. Besides paying the bills and being able to sip jalapeno margaritas on the beach on a workday (Yes! to location freedom!) or sending your kids to the best private schools (score on financial freedom!). It’s the deeper reason behind why you are spending your life doing this at all.

The fact is when you love what you do and have a deep passion, you can more easily enroll others in the process and ignite them to join you on the journey and in the vision. That emotional and practical enrollment process is where love happens. This matters to your profitability because without customers who are loyal, who want to tell others about you, raving about your products and do repeat business with you, your acquisition costs stay high and you will lack the momentum to become sustainable and eventually scale.

How can you infuse more love in your business today?


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