79. Striking the Balance: Humanization vs. High Performance Teams

Season #3

In this episode of the Modern Mogul podcast, we explore how fostering human connections and ensuring psychological safety can coexist with the drive for high performance at work. We discuss the importance of informal relationships, critical research findings and offer insights into overcoming common workplace challenges.

- Informal relationships: The role of informal communication in building high-performance teams.
- Psychological Safety: Introduction to psychological safety and its impact on team dynamics.
- Key Studies & Theories: Overview of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Self-Determination Theory, and Google's Project Aristotle.
- The Workplace Dilemma: Discussion on why organizations struggle to integrate psychological safety and humanization.
- Moving Beyond Wellness Programs: Strategies for creating a supportive and inclusive environment.
- Call to Action for Leaders: The importance of modern leadership approaches


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